Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I love Price Rite, more leaks

Thursday morning, I had another round of Physical Therapy. DD and I checked the grocery list before leaving, intending to shop for milk, apples and whatever produce sale items caught our eyes. I ended up with the following:
2 pkgs egg noodles @ 99
35 oz can of coffee @ $5.49-same price as Aldi's
2 Betty Crocker brownie mix @ $1.19
2 mayonnaise @ $1.99
1 boz Goa sazon con azafran for college boy 99 cents
Bok chop @ 99/lb
large head of green cabbage @ 30/lb
2 pints grape tomatoes @ $1.49
bananas @ 49/lb
Gala apples @ 99/lb
2 gallons milk @ $2.49
2 pkgs fzn broccoli florettes @ $1.29

Spent $32.01 CASH
Great resource for affordable groceries, and a store actually owned by Shop Rite.

Earlier in the week, we did pick up 2 other gallons milk, spending a total (2 visits combined) of $3.98.

I end Feb grocery spending under $240 (my goal was $200) but I did stock up on 20 lbs each AP and bread flours as well as bulk yeast, accounting for roughly $25 of the overage. I will use these baking items over the next month, if not longer, so I am ok with this. We will enter March, continuing ever more earnestly in clean out, use up mode. Due to recent issues with the LL's expectation that I am to maintain her roof, costing me an obnoxious amount of money, I have my heart set in earnest on moving to another home, come Spring/early Summer. That decided, we should use up all that we can that is considered "stock pile," including my standing freezer, as I do not want to move a lot of groceries to another home. Using it up will also help to greatly reduce our expenditures.

Just before dark yesterday, the LL's handyman climbed onto the roof next door and, using a metal shovel, removed the snow from the lower portion of the cottage, along with the ice dams, including several huge ones, much like what is pictured above. The largest was located under the overhang to the building, near one of 2 chimneys. Someone from a roofing company just knocked at my door, and I redirected him next door. Turns out, there BOTH chimneys next door were leaking. Hmm . . .so I am guessing that the LL was called on that, as she would have had to contact the roofing company to get them to inspect the situation. I previously reported a leaking chimney here, someone from this same company came out, climbed on the roof, left. I never heard anything more about it. Was a repair suggested? was nothing discovered? Did they apply some caulk around the flashing? I have no idea. With every rain storm, I am on the lookout for more water infiltration in both the kitchen as well as LR, near the chimney.


Anonymous said...

I like price rite better than aldi. I wish there was one closer to me. I try and get up there every so often. They used to sell luvs diapers cheaper than anywhere else too (when we needed them).

I like their boxed cereal brand too. And they have good prices on cilantro - the one I go to is in a Latino area so that's always fresh.

Mary Lou said...

Odd that the tenant in the cottage isn't responsible for snow removal on the roof or was it because it was more serious than your situation? Hmmm, certainly makes you wonder what they said and you didn't. I can't imagine everyone's lease is different, that would be too confusing.

I hope you manage to find a new place since this last situation seemed to be your breaking point. We all have them and finally realize enough is enough.

CTMOM said...

"My" Price Rite is located in a Spanish/Brazilian populated city north of here, replacing a former A & P that was located on Main St, then closed, leaving a food dessert for many of the locals. Glad to see it, it's convenient, great prices on milk, bread, produce,canned veg/beans. Haven't bought much besides that.
Don't care for Cilantro, neither does DD,it's a genetic thing-tastes like dish soap to us. Blech!

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou
To be clear: the last tenant in the cottage next door, vacated the place at the end of November. It was listed for rent for about a week, then the handyman discovered some serious issues with the place and is now finishing up a significant repair/upgrade/refurbishing. The cottage is now fully the LL's responsibility. The electric and oil bills would have been changed back to her name. Using this logic, the LL is responsible to get that driveway plowed, the roof cleared, if that is what is needed/desired. Fast forward, late yesterday afternoon, I saw the handyman out there with a metal gardening shovel, chipping away at the much worse ice dams on the roof and using a snow shovel, shoveling off the bottom edge of the roof of snow. This afternoon, an employee from a roofing company erroneously knocked on my door, telling me that he was here for the chimney leak. I directed him next door, where apparently 2 chimney's were leaking. I can only assume that the bad ice dams over there (were actually from roof to ground, underneath/through the roof overhang)were now leaking into the newly refurbished living room area as well as the furnace that is located in the garage.
This LL has deferred maintenance for years, and projects an attitude of indifference,and irritation when contacted about maintenance issues, regardless if of a more urgent matter (leaks, no heat, broken major appliance) and getting things resolved can be less than timely (with the exception of no heat). DD and I also wonder if the handyman has billed her for repairs that he simply never performs! As much as I dislike that thought, it has crossed our minds several times. It took a month to get a loose linoleum tile reglued down in the kitchen (took him all of 2 minutes to repair). A lot of the work done here has been "hack jobs"-at my request prior to moving in, for example, the broken ceiling exhaust vent was replaced with an over the range one. Great. They broke wall tiles in order to hit it in the space, never then cutting the wall tiles to cover up the exposed wallboard covered with old mastic. It looks awful.

Anonymous said...

My hubby and oldest have the soapy taste with cilantro and ginger. The youngest and I can munch both as a salad! Not to gross you out....

Price Rite also has the best price on canned coconut milk and their canned corn is great for the price

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We don't have Price Rite here but their prices sure sound good! I agree that the ice dam problem should have been a LL responsibility but you're right that the LL would probably win in court. Another place to live may be an annoyance, but will probably pay off in the long run in less aggravation as well as possibly less expense, if you are lucky enough to find a great place. I'm astonished at how much rentals have gone up around here. My niece and one child are looking now, and she's a single Mom (28, I think) with a 4 year old, a full time nursing student, and she has two or three part time jobs. The best place she has found will be $700 a month just for rent. That's a big chunk out of a limited budget.

CTMOM said...

Real estate is very expensive here. Most one bedrooms start at $1200 range, few shoe box ones in the city may come down at $850. College boy recently moved and is now in a small place, in a basement and is paying $900/month. Ridiculous.