Friday, February 28, 2014

What to do when there aren't any leftovers?

Friday night is leftover night, 3 weekends out of 4, as the youngest are on visitation with their father. DD works into the early evening, coming home for 8:15-8:30 p.m. I usually just heat up some leftovers, DD can fix herself a plate when she gets home. This has worked out well.

For lunch today, DD finished the turkey noodle soup, I had a salad plate: the rest of the salad greens (we are officially out of lettuce), grape tomato, the rest of the black olives, the rest of the cole slaw, some of the Italian herb roasted BSCB I baked off this morning (I intentionally presliced it for sandwiches and chopped up the odd bits to top a salad), a hard boiled egg. I added a splash of home made vinaigrette and lunch was done.  Leftovers gone, however-so what to make for supper?

It's been COLD! I woke up to 1 degree F and we hit a balmy 22 degrees this afternoon, 20+ degrees below normal for this time of year. Temps to dip back to near zero F again tonight. I suggested soup to DD, she agreed.

After returning home from a meeting, I texted DD 2 options: turkey vegetable rice soup or split pea? Split pea it is! I culled 2 containers of poultry stock out of the freezer, 2 cups of green split peas, a large bay leaf, 2 Goya ham seasoning packets, black pepper, 3 carrots were sliced, and a large onion chopped. Done. It's simmering away, and will be served with some homemade, garlic and herb bread that I served last night. Good, cheap eats, using what is on hand, eating down the freezer and pantry in the process. Perfect!


Mary Lou said...

One of my favorite soups, pea soup.

We had homemade clam chowder for dinner. It just sounded right for such a cold night.

CTMOM said...

Mary lou-HA! I have home made clam chowder on the menu for tomorrow! : )