Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday supper:

This week's Sunday supper features a pork tenderloin from Aldi's (similar to image above, found on Google), that I got marked down to $4.30 (normally $3.99/lb, I paid $2.72/lb). Sides will be buttered egg noodles (99 cents @ Price Rite), steamed carrots (35 cents @ Aldi's), sauteed organic baby spinach (Aldi's @ $3), home made and canned apple sauce. A simply, basic meal that will satisfy. Pork tenderloin is a preferred cut that I can't often afford, so this is a nice "treat" for supper.

Kind of a quiet day: DD went out for brunch and will then head out to work, one kidlet slept in while the other was up by 8. I woke up at 4:15 with one of my killer headaches, so Advil it was, along with a large glass of water, and fortunately, I was able to fall back to sleep, sometime around 5. Coffee, choice of cold cereal for breakfast today; one kidlet finished off the "Tropical smoothie" that I made for bfst yesterday, using 2 soft bananas, the rest of a tub of low fat, vanilla yogurt, a pkg of fzn mixed fruit: peach/pineapple/mango/strawberry, some pineapple juice. Yummy! and a great way to avoid food waste.

One batch of colored clothes washed in cold, now drying on clothes horses in the living room, next to the large radiator. The second load of the day, towels, is washing, and will be machine dried.

Some Netflix or TV this afternoon, and hopefully a nap, as this really helps me to recover from my headaches, which exhaust me for at least 2 days.  The Advil and coffee really helped, however, at least the pain is gone.


Linda said...

Carol, when you feel more up to it, would you post how you prepare the pork tenderloin? We used to buy the ones that were flavored, but we came to dislike the artificial taste. The flavored ones were just plunked in a casserole and into the oven, but I am not sure if the plain ones are that simple? Hoping your headache is G O N E. I get infrequent and not severe migraines that leave me feeling worse the second day -- like my brain is crashing into my cranium if i sneeze or turn my head too quickly. Sending good thoughts, Linda

CTMOM said...

I have done pork tenderloins several ways:
-season with salt, pepper and garlic powder and roast, uncovered
-marinate in an Asian inspired marinade (homemade or bought) thinking Teriyaki, honey mustard sesame oil that sort of thing and either broil or grill


Frugal Queen said...

Thanks for emailing into radio cornwall xxx

Pamela Wilson said...

I coarsely chop garlic and rosemary leaves, add salt and pepper then just enough olive oil to make a little paste. Rub it all over then bake at 350 for about 45 minutes or until thermometer tells you to quit.