Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still just gotta get it done

Boys are away for the weekend, although snow on Sunday may bring them home sooner than usual. The weekend=weekend as well as daily chores. Regardless of my recuperation status, we still just gotta get it done. Before leaving yesterday, vacuum boy took care of the floors. Waste baskets emptied, cat liter boxes cleaned. Recycling bagged up for storing until it can be driven over to the transfer station.

Last night, DD wrote out the checks for bill paying, along with any envelopes, all I had to do was sign the checks. Writing is very difficult. I type left handed only. Bills out into the mailbox, except for the rent and CC which will both be due at the end of next week. I'll let my checking account remain a bit fatter for the moment. I also need to deposit some checks at the bank, providing additional cushion for March's unpaid leave. Child support is due the 15th, so more funds available. Oil bills are killing me. Only good thing is that I pay them with the CC, earn points which I then convert to cash. I am saving them to get college boy a laptop for his April birthday.

Beds stripped, sheets now washing. I am able to toss them into the dryer. I also managed to fold dried towels and clothes. Not perfect, but passable.

Toilets and bathroom sinks will get a once over later, after DD returns home from work.

 2 loaves bread now baking off for the upcoming week. DD is at work until early evening, but we've decided already on the rest of this weekend's baking: prune coffeecake, pumpkin bread, chocolate pudding, Jello. Treats are dwindling, non preferred by boys cold cereals remain (raisin bran, shredded wheat), non preferred by boys oat packet flavors remain (only DD and college boy like these), so I'd like to have some alternatives for them. I still have cream of wheat, regular quick oats on hand-both are not their first choices either.

Have taken stock, gone over this upcoming week's menus, added to the grocery list. DD and I plan on hitting Aldi's early tomorrow for a quick top up. We've pretty much been sticking to the menus, some alternative meals, based on who would be home. We're veering off the menu tonight. Instead of Saturday soup, I have  frozen, homemade meatballs in homemade sauce in the Crockpot, to be served over spaghetti. Sauteed, organic baby spinach on the side.

Here's the dinner menu for the upcoming week:
Sun-rotisserie style chicken thighs -I am out of whole chickens, so will be adapting the recipe, using marked down thighs I froze;wild rice mix, beets, cranberry sauce, roast butternut squash
Mon-baked Pollock fillets, brown rice, fzn mixed veg
Tues-CP meatballs in marinara over spaghetti, salad, fzn broccoli
Wed-turkey-beef meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots
Sat-split pea soup, saltines


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

Very glad that you are improving in PT and able to get around. Look forward to future posts. Take care of yourself!

DW said...

Sounds like things are progressing! Glad your DD is around to help out.