Friday, February 7, 2014

Recovery update

Already 9 days post op; I am doing well. Saw my orthopedic surgeon Tues, wound check, stitches removed. I will return in one month. Meanwhile, I started physical therapy on Tues, I will have PT twice a week for months. It is essential for the best outcome. All medical costs continue to be covered in full. Still spending my resting time in the recliner, off RX pain meds, high doses Advil help take the edge off.

Since we were in the city, I had DD stop at Price Rite for a few items: 3 gallons milk, apples, bananas, large tub baby salad greens, onions, hotdog buns, 2 pkgs hamburger buns, dill weed.  $21.50 cash spent.

No gas expenses, since I can't drive.

Another oil delivery, naturally, prices rose, temps are dropping, the wood stove isn't being used as I am the only one who knows how to operate it, and if there was an issue, I'd be physically unable to work the stove. A few more weeks, and that may/should change.

Kids helping with daily chores, cooking, cleaning. I am starting to do a bit more, yet remain quite limited. This will improve over time. My therapist already noted improvement from Tues to Th this week, in my range of motion.

Additional bills came in: cell phone, cable, plow bill from January, CSA membership. Rent and CC are coming up next week.

College boy needed a hand up on a bill, I took care of it, but we signed a contract from the bank of mom. No interest, but definitely a loan, not a gift.

Food is from home, we've taken advantage of my prepared ahead of time "frozen assets." Working with DD's schedule, either she prepares my food, or we have a leftover plate set up, which I can heat up. Grocery list is building, but purchases are limited to essentials.

This week's freebies: due to 2 snow days, I now have 2 additional paid leave days to apply towards March, when I know I will run out.


Linda said...

Very glad to learn about your progress and sending many wishes for only good things to happen to you and yours

Mary Lou said...

Good news. You're lucky you have the older kids to help out.

Healing thoughts.

Lili said...

I'm glad to hear of your improvements. Wishing you a smooth recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad yo see you are making progress healing and feeling more close to normal. Be careful and follow all the instructions :-)

Rachel said...

Glad your recovery is going smoothly.

Softie said...

Very glad your recovery is going smoothly. Our heat bill is outrageous this year too. We ran out of wood for our stove. Hubby is working on getting more. That was very lucky about the 2 snow days. If there is a year when you might get more this is surely the one. Best wishes for continued good luck!

Belinda said...

So glad to hear your recovery is running smooth, Carol.