Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recent freebies

DD recently brought home some brand new, sewing patterns from the craft/sewing/knitting shop next to where she works. They often have various classes and had offered a "bring your unfinished project" session for a swap. The owner offered the "leftovers" to DD, and she culled 5 or 6 patterns for me, including a designer (Ralph Lauren or Laura Ashley?) one to make various tote bags, one to make various table runners, place mats, one for sweatshirts/fleece jackets, etc. I can't sew for at least a month, until I gain better use of my right arm. Looks like I will be kept busy this Summer. Perhaps some early Christmas sewing.

Late yesterday afternoon, DD drove me over to my monthly hair appointment, felt so good to have a proper shampoo! I'm stuck with using just my left hand at the moment to shower/shampoo. Since I still had a GC for a wood fired pizzeria literally just at the next shopping plaza, I suggested to DD that we order ahead, and pick up some pizza on the way back, which is what we did. We ended up with a Margherita style and a pepperoni/sausage/mushroom/pepper version. Very good, leftovers for lunch/teen snack. Price would have been just under $45, I paid $0. : )

Today is my monthly deep cleaning, I have been able to do little, maintenance wise the past 3 weeks, since my surgery. It's an expense I budget for, it's worth it to me, and due to my physical limitations with arthritis, never mind my time. I'd rather eat vegetarian all week and never eat out if that's what it took, in order to continue to afford this service.

Bfst was the usual: coffee/tea, OJ, cold cereal and milk
Lunch-2 kids carried bologna and cheese on home made bread, home brewed tea. I and DD will have home made soup, crackers..
Dinner: home made salmon cakes, using canned pink Salmon bought with a sale coupon @ Walgreen's, homemade bread crumbs (the bread heels are used for this), shredded veg, spices. Homemade tartar sauce on the side, using home made zucchini relish. Buttered wacky mac, and roast Butternut squash are the sides, and I am thinking a green salad as well.

Need to make some more tea today, as well as bread and some baked goods/treats for the kids. DD is working later today, may be called to work all day, as her boss fears not being able to get out of her driveway, that wasn't plowed and recent rains have made everything sheets of ice.  Sun is shinning, we no longer need the driveway lights on in the early morning for the boys to get the bus @ 6:30 a.m., so Spring IS coming, just taking it's sweet time. More melting of the mounds of snow today and tomorrow, before another cold snap hits, and snow is in the forecast for mid next week. Ice dam update: since paying $$$ to have it removed, more icicles continue to form, much much less and much much smaller. No signs of any water penetrating into the home, so that's good.


Belinda said...

Glad to hear the ice dam has been removed. Will you knock down the icicles or no? I don't know if that would help or not.

We've been having really warm weather this week. Today is supposed to be thunder storms with tornado warnings. I am subbing later, and suspect we will spend part of the day in the hallway.

How neat to get the free patterns. Can't wait to see what you come up with this summer.

I'm sure it did feel good to get your hair washed really well. Those left handed jobs are not the easiest or best. Lol

Nice that you got the pizzas for $0.00

Linda said...

That was a great pizza freebie!

j said...

Sound like you had a busy day. I hope you can find a new home to rent soon because I really don't have nice feelings towards your landlord

CTMOM said...

yes, first DD knocked down the icicles, using a shovel as they do pose a hazzard. One roofing co. got here, he got the redt, the ice dams, 4 foot of snow cleared from edge of roof, working up towards the peak, meaning that if you look at the roof, the lowest part is cleared off.

CTMOM said...

Yes, we enjoyed it-a luxury that is totally out right now, not that I'd ever relish the idea of paying $25/pizza!

paidinchickens said...

Love having freebies.

CTMOM said...

I so want out of here. With DD rejoining the household, she really needs a proper room. The configuration of my and the boys room and the main bath room, is that to get boys room or the bathroom, one has to enter my room. More privacy and quiet would be welcomed. The oil bills are obnoxious, this remains a drafty, often damp/cold home-even with my many efforts. I am certain that the LL thinks that I am a royal PITA, as I requested many (20?)repairs be done even before I moved in, and other repairs since we've been here. I get that she wants to spend as little as possible, watch her bottom line but my impression is that she isn't a LL by profession, I know that she inherited this place in 2009 and the realtor told me that she plans on hanging onto it and selling once the market improves, having tried selling in in the Summer of 2011, based on records, then pulling it off of the market. Per the lease, she has to offer the home for sale to her tenant (me, not the cottage next door) for right of first refusal, so I'll know if she plans on selling. She has put some serious money into the cottage, but I haven't been inside or seen any postings on line yet. I anticipate that she'll be asking a lot more for that place, at least $500 more a month, based on what comparables go for in this town. Rentals are hard to find here, and often just one bedrooms or beyond my means. There is a lovely McMansion available for rent right now: $7000/month. Thud! The town I work in has several for $25,000-$30,000 if not more a month. Welcome to expensive Fairfield county! I have found 4 possible candidates, it's a question of timing, should/can I break my lease without penalty? Based on CT LL-tenant law, I may be able to, due to the hazzard of peeling paint inside the home, first reported as we moved in, gotten worse, in other areas as well. Exterior also needs paint, 2 Summers in a row, we were told it'd be done that Fall. Nope. LL did reach out to me last April, inquiring if I was going to renew, and I told her that frankly, I was exploring my options. She was willing to add DD and her car to the lease, which was good. Also saved her one month's rent, which is the fee amount that the realtor gets for finding a tenant.

So, yes, keeping fingers crossed that I can find something "affordable" in this town.

CTMOM said...

another issue is that some of the rentals posted on line thru the realtor service, are actually for sale as well. I wouldn't want to rent a home, only to have it sold out from under me. No thanks.