Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Looks like I can do this

Every month, I earn minimally $20 in cash rewards on my credit card, which is paid off monthly. I've been watching these funds build and already have $358.97 "earned" since April 2013, with the expectation that another $40 or so will accumulate before April 2014-just in time for DS # 1's birthday. I've earmarked these funds for a year now, to purchase a new lap top for my DS. He's the one who, for a variety of reasons, has always had used freebie laptops or hand me down ones. It's beyond time that he get a nice computer of his own.

I also have an extra $50 in my budget for his birthday gift, so this is more than do-able for me. Love $50 computers. : )

He'll be VERY surprised.


M Ripples said...

Awesome! Gotta love Credit Card Rewards!

Anonymous said...

I never doubted that you could!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great deal. Have you started looking yet? When our kids needed laptops for school we got a great deal at staples. They were on sale and there was a $50 rebate gift card (don't normally like those, but iused them on ink and paper). Plus, I got rewards points on my staples card and discover card!

You have time to hunt down the best deal!