Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crock Pot Tuesday, and saving the budget with BEANS!

I have a double batch (that's 2 lbs of dried, navy pea beans) that are now cooking away in one of my oval Crock Pots to become New England style baked beans, like the ones pictured above. This was done intentionally to help fill the freezer with meal sized containers of beans for the upcoming months. I've costed this out, and my beans equal $1/28 oz can; a good deal.

I defrosted my last package of beef hotdogs along with 3 rogue hot dog buns. Although 4 for supper, some of us will have franks on a plate-no bother. A home made coleslaw will round out the meal.

Yesterday afternoon was a baking day for me. I made a loaf of white bread (used my usual recipe, ingredients and the ABM to mix and rise the dough-came out perfect; gotta work on the KA method); a batch of from a mix brownies, a batch of Magic Cookie bars-used my last can of sweetened condensed milk and chipped up a chocolate bar for "chips," mixed up some instant milk and chilled it off  before making 2 boxes of vanilla pudding mix, and finally, 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, gifting one to college boy who was here doing laundry. Good to have some treats on hand for the kids.

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