Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bracing ourselves for March, and a trip to Price Rite

 With March knocking on the back door, we are bracing ourselves for a significant drop in income. That said, menus are set (http://ctonabudget.blogspot.com/2014/02/planning-ahead-march-menus.html), economizing measures in place. Since I was in the city this morning for my physical therapy, we made a point of stopping in at Price Rite afterwards for a few stock up items to get us through March, and a few items to fill in some gaps. First item: 2 5 lb bags or 10 lbs of Canadian carrots @ 56 cents/lb. With plenty of carrots playing center stage next month (in at least 10 dinners, not to mention as ingredients to top salads, fill out burgers), carrots were my go to, cheap veggie for the upcoming month. I rarely peel them, just give them a good scrubbing with my bristle produce brush.
Next key item: a 10 lb bag of Canadian Russet potatoes. While I do have about 5 lbs left, they are getting a bit long in the tooth and need to be used up soon. With 8 March dinners requiring potatoes, these also made the must have list.

I also bought the following: 1 box each PR honey nut cheerios and reg cheerios, 2 2 l bottles each of ginger ale and Pepsi (for sick tummies and migraines), 1 pkg hot dog buns (we all could have them that way tonight), a pkg of marked down cubed steak-another cut I rarely purchase due to cost. 4 good sized ones for $5.11, well under $3/lb so OK; Gala apples, qt SR buttermilk (Shoprite owns PR so their labels are often found here as well), PR whipped cream to dress up pudding and jello desserts, a doz eggs, 2 gallons milk (one whole, one 1 %). Spent $35.25. This goes into March's budget. I still have approx $150 left for March, a month that I must limit purchases to $200 cash for groceries if at all possible.


Softie said...

Are a lot of vegetables in your area from Canada? Are they usually cheaper?

Anonymous said...

I hit PR yesterday. Almost bought the taters but went for the red bliss ones - kids have been asking for them and we needed potatoes this week and next. Also picked up sweet potatoes - HUGE ones!

Full report soon

Linda said...

By planning for the drop in income and being aware of everything you spend, I am sure you will eat well and not go over budget.

CTMOM said...

I make a concerted effort to first buy local, CT grown produce. Next, general New England, then product of USA, finally, a Canadian source is OK with me-showing my French Canadian roots here. Besides decreasing my global footprint, this typically also ensures fresher produce/items. Yes, I do see quite a bit of Canadian produce here, but we're not that far, compared to CA, for example, which is experiencing record drought. While it's been in the news, not as much as I feel it should. The American shopper should brace him/herself for sharp increases in produce costs as CA has lost a lot of what they grow.
: (
Luckily, I have the new CSA starting up at the end of April; keeping my fingers crossed that this one will work well for us.

CTMOM said...

DD dpotted those monster Yams! Yes, they are HUGE!

Mama Anarchia said...

Long time reader here, and glad to see you are doing so well budget wise and recovering from the surgery.

We like to make a lentil carrot soup based on this BBC recipe: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2089/spiced-carrot-and-lentil-soup

It's quite adaptable, and we usually substitute the milk with either coconut milk (to make it a more Indian flavoured dish) or yoghurt.

CTMOM said...

Mama A-thanks for posting that link. That soup sounds delicious! I do have some lentils left, they are earmarked for a warm lentil salad in a few weeks. I just checked, and only have 3 cups of lentils left, but it should be enough to make this soup as well!