Friday, February 28, 2014

Awesome! Perfect timing!

As I always do, after supper, I think of the cooking needs for the next day, set about collecting my ingredients, defrosting meat, soaking beans, etc. I decided that I will make a double batch of my Campbell's style pork beans, to store in the freezer. Frugal Queen recently posted a Hot Pot recipe that uses pork beans and this reminded me that I wanted to make some. Great.

Unfortunately, I discovered that while there still is SOME, there is not enough ketchup in the ketchup bottle. I checked the pantry, I no longer have my extra bottle as I gifted DS #1. I texted DS to see if he was still coming over tonight, as he works at a grocery store and he could bring me some ketchup tonight, and I'd reimburse him. He won't be coming over, he has plans. DD is working but isn't feeling well, so once she's home, it's ginger ale and crackers I am afraid, perhaps some more OTC meds. : (
I am not about to ask her to go out either.

I was reading some blogs and saw a link off of one of them to another blog, where the writer is also doing a frugal February. Best part: her most recent post is about running out of ketchup and she shared a recipe to make your own! (Why didn't I think of that!)

I had everything on hand: 12 oz can of tomato paste, water, sugar, garlic and onion powder, white vinegar. A few minutes on the stove and I mixed up 24 oz (I measured it) of ketchup. It's not Heinz, a brand I prefer, but I'll use just about any brand (except Aldi's which we tried once, felt it was too sweet). This homemade version came out really good. Considering that it's intended to go into a Crock Pot of tomato based baked beans, I figured that I had little to lose. I find this new recipe acceptable, and have decanted my glass measuring cup into the ketchup bottle. Wonder if the kids will notice any difference? ; )

I used a crash n burn can of tomato paste @ 60 cents. I estimate that this batch cost me $1 to mix for 24 oz, which is what I pay for Hunts no HFCS ketchup at Dollar Tree. Great emergency solution.

Simply perfect! : )

Happy cooking!


Lili said...

We're having hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough tonight, and I realized we're out of ketchup! We used the very last of my own homemade version from the end of summer. I don't follow a recipe, but borrow one of my ketchup-loving kids's taste buds for a few minutes. Mine doesn't taste like anything you can buy in a store. I like it lemony, and more tomato-ey than sweet. Fortunately, my family likes what I do. So we're good there. (It would be hard if they had a strong preference for a name brand).
I am hoping that there's enough mustard left in the jar to scrape out, as I haven't gotten around to making mustard with my mustard powder, yet. Call me chicken! I'll get up the nerve to try it soon!

slugmama said...

And homemade ketchup is low in sodium(depending on how much is in your tomato paste) so a double win...frugal and healthier.

And as long as you don't tell the kids it's not Heinz in the bottle, they'll probably never notice the

CTMOM said...

Good point, Sluggy. I am sensitive to salt and don't cook much with it. Ds # 1 is always adding salt to my cooking. Grrr . . a habit I've tried to break him of for years. I am just tickled that I solved this problem so easily. No money spent in the process. Hey it's only $1, but each one is stttrrrreeeeettttchhhheeeddd this month.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes. We only buy heinz. And I can't tell you how much ketchup we go through every week

CTMOM said...

I sampled it last night, it's perfectly fine. While I prefer Heinz, I am not a ketchup snob, we often have no name, store brand, Hunt's, Red Gold etc brands on the table. I was thrilled to circumvent a trip to the store, keeping $1 in my pocket in the process.

Catherine said...

Just made this today. So much better than store bought! Thanks for sharing! :-)