Friday, February 28, 2014

Anticipating NEEDS; the clothing dept

For years, I was responsible for maintaining the clothing wardrobes for six people. Fast forward, and I slowly moved my older kids (by 16) to selecting their own clothes, with me only purchasing items that they specifically asked for, having offered me the details on side, company, color etc. Too many items don't or won't get worn otherwise, creating a waste of money. I am now down to worrying about myself and the 2 youngest, who I have already started switching over to being independent in the purchase and selection of clothing.

Recently, we've noted that due to a growth spurt, pants are starting to get too short, especially for one kidlet who chose a different pant length to purchase (30 inch leg seam, skinny style jeans) although I recommended 32 inch as I knew he would be growing quickly into them. Several pairs of his pants are barely passing, even when wearing his high top shoes. Sigh. Gotta learn, I guess. Sadly, these can't be refashioned into shorts for Summer.

For Christmas, the aforementioned kidlet was given cash as part of his gift from me, and received cash from other family members. This funded his shopping spree. 2 months later, he really should replace his pants. Since we usually wear jeans at least twice before laundering them,  I recommend buying just 2-3 pairs of basic jeans as soon, he will be turning to shorts for the rest of the school year, then only requiring jeans again, come October. Gotta choose clothing investments wisely.

Other kidlet received 3 pairs of jeans for Christmas, and they are the appropriate length so no needs there.  I've surveyed their shared closet, and there are plenty of knit Polos, long sleeved cotton shirts for early Spring. I've culled all of the shorts (most were converted into shorts from former too long pants), the rest of the pants (excluding the longer length, newer jeans for DS # 2) to be tried on this afternoon, along with a few, short sleeved cotton shirts.

Underwear, undershirts, socks, PJ's, robes, fleece jackets, shoes, swim wear-all fine, no needs.

So for now, as far as the youngest are concerned:
-2 or 3 pairs of pants/jeans for one kid
-shorts-4 pair, they only have 2 left

Me? I tend to hang onto my clothes far too long, and have slowly been culling through what I have, and did donate quite a bit when I moved here, as well as last Fall. More needs to go. I anticipate returning to work in another month, leaving approx 10 weeks of work left for this school year. Before buying anything, I first will need to check what I have in the closet, dressers, and in storage bins.
Underwear, socks, nylon peds-fine
pants-could use some new capris.
T's, short sleeved tops-could use a few new ones, perhaps 2
tanks-fine. I only use these for layering, have plenty
coats/fleece jackets/outerwear-gonna make do
3/4 sleeved sweaters-gonna make do with what I have, cull out the too ratty ones

So the theme of this Spring/Summer fashion outlook, is to make do with what we have, buy/acquire only needs, if at all possible.


MOV said...

Oh, you are giving me the inspiration to go thru my clothes. Sigh. Needs to be done. I sorta wish I had a magical fairy clothesmother who would wave her wand and all my clothes would be pretty, appropriate, and flattering. Oh and have no buttons missing.

Great post!


Anonymous said...

If there is a Platos Closet they might take young men's skinny jeans. Then son might find a replacement there too.

Lucky for me my oldest teen, likes regular jeans mom! I grab wranglers at Walmart and he is happy.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, MOV. I am also seriously contemplating moving. I look at everything that is on hand here, and think, do I really want to move this? The more I can unload ahead of time, should we actually move, the better! Also, if there are clothes not being worn, knowing that many are hurting in this economy and can use them, out they go!

CTMOM said...

I've heard of them, and just checked where they are located in CT.

Plato's Closet Danbury
Coming Soon!
Danbury, CT
hours • view map
Plato's Closet Com

Looks like they will be opening a shop in Danbury, which would be close for me. Awesome!