Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A case in point-know your prices!

Yesterday, I picked up 4, 10 oz pkgs of TJ Farms frozen blueberries @ Dollar tree. These are a great buy, and the kids and I want to make some smoothies as a breakfast option over the next few weeks, and as a means to using up some quarts of yogurt that have been lingering. Some may also find they way into coffee cake, muffins, pancakes, etc. Great.

I was hoping to also stock up on this same brand of frozen tater tots, fries, and onion rings yet was only able to get onion rings yesterday, as they were out of the fries and tots. I first became familiar with this company, when I was purchasing Angel Food. The potato items come from Canada, the berries are a USA product-both meet my criteria as I am fussy about country of origin, as concerns my food choices.

When we hit Xpect Discounts yesterday, I was able to get 32 oz bags of TJ Farms tots (we decided not to get fries also, even though they were there). I paid $1.86. Usual SALE price on tots at the grocers is $2-$2.50 for store brand, $ Ore Ida. The bags bought at DT are less in weight (20 oz) but are an ever better deal as that equals $1.60/32 oz pkg-the normal size weight that this product comes in. Onion rings are also a lower weight, BUT these are whole onion rings, not bits/pieces so a quality product, IMO.

Back to the blueberries. We also saw these same blueberries @ Xpect, and as expected, they were in larger weight packages, this time 12 oz instead of the 10 oz that I had just bought. The kicker? Xpect is charging $2.89/12 oz or the equivalent of $2.41 for the 10 oz bags I just bought. I much prefer spending $1/10 oz =$1.20/12 oz. So yes, know your prices, do the math and discount stores aren't always unilaterally the best sources for all groceries.


Tanner said...

I am sure some people that see me at the stores think I'm a bit silly when I take out my calculator, but I've been surprised plenty of times at how expensive some things are when you compare them across different sizes... I've learned to look closer at the numbers in the price tag at the grocery store where they break it down to price per oz or lb.

Belinda said...

Always good advice to know your prices. And what a great deal on frozen blueberries. :)

Suzy said...

ya'll should have seen me figuring out the stevia sweeteners! I never did get it down but since I prefer the Truvia brand I went with that. not only are the packet counts different brand to brand but the oz in each packet varies greatly!truvia brand puts a lot more in theirs (sometimes too much for one hot tea IMO so I end up with 2 cups so I don't waste) may decide to go with the scoop your own container instead of the packets since the packets are wasteful (but soooo convenient!)

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the info about DT blueberries, I am going to look at ours. You are right that many of their products are a small size.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to look for those blueberries. Didn't care for the onion rings (we aren't big fan of them anyhow)

CTMOM said...

They also carry fzn peaches and strawberries

CTMOM said...

Gotta watch the weights on packages: for example, they carry dried pintos and other beans=$1 BUT they are 12 oz not 16 oz pkgs, so not a deal IMO.

CTMOM said...

Gotta watch the weights on packages: for example, they carry dried pintos and other beans=$1 BUT they are 12 oz not 16 oz pkgs, so not a deal IMO.

DW said...

I've purchased some of the TJ frozen veggies from DT, though I've noticed that they've gone from 16oz packages to 12 oz in some cases.

One of the nice things about my phone, I've decided, is that I always have a calculator handy to figure out price per ounce/pound.