Monday, February 24, 2014

60 and counting

The long craft table has been filling up with now empty, Mason jars. Last night, I took stock of my canned/dried goods and also tallied just how many jars we've used up: 60 to date and counting. Once I am better able to, I will be storing these jars away in what I call the canning closet. For now, they remind me of my hard work, that has sustained us this Fall and Winter.

I have noted and continue to note, significant reduction on the pantry and kitchen cabinet storage shelves. Now that March is looming, we are about to enter my budget crisis month, for which I've pre-planned as much as possible, reducing expenditures where ever I could, but in particular, the food budget, which I slashed 50%, earmarking $200 cash for Feb through April, if not longer, as we recover from my unpaid  medical leave from work.

Dry goods
1 sesame ginger rice mix (a real lurker that has to go!)
Basmati rice, Brown rice
farro, Quinoa
pasta-tons, all sorts
barley, lentils, chic peas
pintos, navy pea beans, large lima beans
1 pkg 16 bean soup
split yellow peas, whole yellow peas, split green peas
instant potatoes
1 bag stuffing shreds, 2 boxes stuffing mix
1 box scalloped potato mix

tomato,French onion,  cr mushroom, golden mushroom, cr celery, 1 chicken rice, 1 clam chowder

Canned goods
(note large= 29 oz, med = 15 oz)
6 large and 2 med stewed tomatoes
6 med Italian style diced tomatoes
25 pints home canned tomatoes
4 med "rotel style" tomatoes
6 12 oz tomato paste
12 large tomato puree
29 med gr beans
3 med wax beans
17 med kernal corn
5 med cr corn
5 med spinach
22 med beets
2 med mixed veg
2 large baked beans
7 med potato
multiple jars of home made pickles, pickled vegetables, relishes, as well as commercially prepared condiments

8 albacore, 7 ck lite tuna
1 crab
3 med salmon
11 clams

2 large gingered peaches
3 large peaches, 4 medium
1 large pears, 2 medium
4 mandarins
6 pineapple
18 home canned apple sauce
14 med squash
17 med pumpkin

Dried fruits
3 large tubs prunes
2 jars dates
2 pouches figs
1 large tub raisins
2 pouches craisins

Frozen fruit/veg for baking
pumpkin puree, shredded zuke, 4 pkgs blueberries, 10 pkgs cranberries, 2 rhubarb

Baking supplies
12 canned milk + 4 aeseptic boxes + large box instant milk
4 angel food cake mix
1 pound cake mix
3 brownie mix
22 assorted pudding mixes
5 Jello mixes
1 gingerbread mix
1 box grahams
several pkgs fzn pecans
1 jar walnuts
2 canisters baking cocoa
3 pkgs mini choc chips
1 jar choc chips
4 pkgs white chips
3 pkgs peanut butter chips
2 pkgs toffee chips
1 pkg choc and mint chips
1 jar butterscotch chips
4 pkgs cinnamon chips
1 1/2 bags shredded cocount
tons of assorted, homemade jams (thinking bar cookies made with oats)

Going into March, with my menus in place, we will continue to focus on eating this down, using this up, with little intention of replacing anything unless a staple item in our diet. This is for economy as well as practicality, as I hope to find another rental this Spring. Less on hand=less to move.

Tonight's dinner :

Frozen, wild caught Pollock fillets that I'll bake with a Horseradish-Panko crust; Basmati rice, corn, salad.


paidinchickens said...

Is it cheaper to buy cake mix over there rather than flour and ingredients separately?

CTMOM said...

Paid in chickens
Often, yes, but I do prefer home made cakes. Mixes are kept in the pantry for last minute desserts. The angel food and pound cake mixes are much, much cheaper than from scratch cakes, when factoring costs.