Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 vs 2014 and oil usage

Here is my heating oil usage,n in average gallons per day, comparing comparable time frames for 2013 vs 2014, noting that my tenancy starts Aug 15th

8/15-11/16 2 gallons    8/19-10/25 1.23 gallons
11/17-12/12 6.8 gallons  10/26-11/25 4.9 gallons
12/13-12/27 7.6 gallons  11/26-12/18 6.8 gallons
12/28-1/18 9.6 gallons  12/19-1/6 7.75 gallons
1/19-2/3 10.5 gallons   1/7-1/21 8.71 gallons
2/4-2/20 9.6 gallons   1/22-2/5 9.85 gallons
2/21-3/7 6.6 gallons  2/6-2/25 8.86 gallons
3/8-3/28 6.95 gallons
3/29-5/8 2.84 gallons
5/9-8/18 1.08 gallons

The worst period is Jan-Feb, which is to be expected. Due to my surgery on 1/29, we have not used the wood stove at all for Feb, and the bedroom zone of the home has been kept @ 65 degrees vs the normal 55 degrees, since I was home recouperating. Today's oil bill, brings a drop in the settings, for the bedroom zone, since I spend my time in the main part of the home zone during the day. $1854.02 for the last month of oil bills (1/22,  2/6, 2/26) I have the funds, as I set aside $$$ every month to cover it. I put the payments on the CC, earning cash reward points, which I later convert into cash credits on my CC, intending to purchase a new lap top for DS #1 for his upcoming, April birthday. Still, a disgusting amount of money.

The good news is that I should see a drop in my oil bills now, with March on the horizon. About another month of "Winter," I hope to gain re-use of my right arm, and therefor be able to use the wood stove again soon. I have firewood on hand, which I'd like to use up as well.


Mary Lou said...

That amount is unreal to me for that time period. Seriously, you do need to move.

My dh is retired so there is always someone home here.

My oil total since November 7, 2013 is $1,879.72. We had an oil delivery on February 10 and we are no where needing oil again.

CTMOM said...

Yes, it's a disgusting amount of money, and I've done all that I can to improve matters. Currently paying $4.09/gallon as well. Sigh.

Mary Lou said...

No wonder your bills are so high. I just looked up what my oil company is charging. Today's price is $3.67 a gallon. I don't think any of the oil companies around here have been over $4 a gallon, close but not over.

Bargain Mom said...

I hate it when the oil truck comes to visit....almost as much as I hate having my mom critique the way we heat with oil and not wood like she does. I went to visit her today an was uncomfortable. They only heat with wood by choice and keep their house at 55-60 all day and 50 at night. I guess I'm a wimp.