Monday, January 6, 2014

Heating oil update

We are in the heart of the heating season, especially with unusually cold temperatures, which are returning now as I type. Forecast is for 10 degrees, with windchill far below that tonight. Tomorrow is going to be even worse. Here is my oil usage, from last year to this year, dates are close, but show average usage for a comparable time frame.

Dec 28-Jan 18, 2013 used 191.3 gallons @ $3.89/gal $745.88 (20 days = 9.6 gallons/day)

Dec 19-Jan 6 used 140.3 gallons @ $3.99/gallon $561.06/18 days =7.79/gallons/day

We're down 2 gallons/day compared to last year. Hope this continues.

Meanwhile, I did a different cost comparison:

Aug 15-Nov 16 2012 used 191.8 gallons
Nov 17-Dec 12 2012 used 175.5 gallons 
Dec 13-Dec 27 2012 used 106.5 gallons 
Dec 28-Jan 18, 2013 used 191.3 gallons 

TOTAL to date: 665.1 gallons

Aug 19 -Oct 25 used 83.9 gallons 
Oct 26-Nov 25 used 152.8 gallons
Nov 26-Dec 18 used 155.4 gallons
Dec 19-Jan 6 used 140.3 gallons
TOTAL to date: 532.4/gallons

So for roughly the same time period/season, I used 532.4 gallons of oil THIS year (second year renting) vs 665.1 gallons last year, or a 20% reduction. So yes, this is better, still so d*** expensive.


Anonymous said...

We have natural gas heat and hot water but so far we are down compared to last year even though its colder. I think the draft dodgers and other things have really helped

slugmama said...

After seeing what you are having to pay for oil heat, I will NEVER complain about my high(or thought it was high!)electric heating bills.
Great Googley Moogley!

Gill - That British Woman said...

it cost us $2000 CDN for oil in 2013.

Belinda said...

You can definitely tell all of your hard work to keep the cold air out is working. Down 2 gallons a day is terrific!

CTMOM said...

I am budgeting $454.37/month just for oil, based on what we used last year. I've exhausted (I think) efforts to reduce it any further, shy of installing my own insulation in this rental. LL is currently having some serious work done on the small cottage next door (that she also rents out). Looks like new floors, bath, galley kitchen. I saw some insulation in the dumpster, so hope for the next tenant's sake that there will be updated insulation in that place. If I pressed her to insulate this place, knowing that she is spending $$ on that other one, I doubt she'd be interested.

CTMOM said...

Gill, oil is so expensive here. Now up to $4/gallon. I've reduced our usage, compared to last year, and with adding a 4th person to the household. Great. Wish to further reduce it as well. I have been uncomfortably cold at night, often waking up with a cold face (the part that is facing up, off of the pillow). Not sure how much more I can take that. Considering also that we were home from 12/20-1/2, a significant drop definitely happened.

CTMOM said...

I should add that we use approx 1 gallon of oil/day in non heating months, just for domestic hot water.