Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fiscal fast: paying ransom and talking beverages

The good news: DD is back driving herself. The bad news: the ransom we paid in order to get her car back. Interesting that the bill got padded an extra $80 as the tow truck operator forgot to write that charge on the original invoice, which DD has a copy of, so the clerk took that charge off. I paid it, DD will submit a claim for towing to insurance and sign the check over to me, and start making payments on the balance due back to me. This A** hasn't heard the last of me, however, I have some connections . . will be making soem inquiries to some local politicans, as well as reporting this company to whatever state agencies I can. Meanwhile, I stressed to DD (and DS who also drives) that should they ever break down, they are to call company X in town, never ever accept services from this jerk (I am being kind) again.

Moving on . . . .today's theme of discussion is beverages, which can really eat into a budget. Our day starts with OJ (fzn concentrate) or pineapple/grapefruit juice for the vitamin C. Home brewed coffee (or tea) is offered, if not cocoa. Once you grab a cup, it becomes yours for the day. DS didn't have time to finish his cocoa this morning, no bother, after school, we warmed it up, he drank it. Rinsed the cup, it was used again for after supper tea.

Speaking of tea . . I keep tea bags at work. I do  not frequent the vending machines or the cafeteria. I even save my spent tea bags, wrap them up, bring them back home. Once I've amassed 6, I make a pot of tea, later decanting any leftover into a plastic jug, for filling plastic drink bottles for the kid's lunches. Tonight's offering: organic, Darjeling tea from France. Yum!  I also have free access to a water cooler. Nice.

Like many, as I mentioned above, I have coffee in the morning, brewed at home. Once I've filled  my coffee cup, the rest is decanted into this smaller thermos. Works well, as DD tends to get up later and it's still hot enough for her. No stopping at coffee shops for either of us.

Busy afternoon today, also picked up my new glasses; looks like I really did need a new RX! I see so much better. : )

I came home to this:

Crash and burn box of spaghetti, sale plus cpn, seasoned green beans. I had planned for broccoli, but we no longer have any on hand. Green beans filled in.

 For Judy: a Crockpot with 10 homemade, Italian meatballs simmering in homemade marinara.
Supper, topped with freshly grated Parmesan.


Anonymous said...

I have meatballs and sauce in the crockpot now for tonights dinner. Love the crock pot. What a ass of a tow company! I hope you manage to get most of your money back. Some companies are just jerks

Nancy said...

How very frustrating that experience was with the towing company. Good for you for following up with people you know. As for beverages we do the same here, juices, coffee, tea, water in a Brita pitcher always on offer. Hot chocolate is a cold weather option as well. I took a small old hot pot I had at home and keep tea bags in my filing cabinet at work. I also have a reusable water bottle on hand. As a family we have decided to give up soda pop at home as well as Arizona ice teas. I have returned to brewing my own ice tea.

CTMOM said...

I do continue to keep ginger ale (sick tummies) and cola (migraine) on hand, but in cans that are hidden away, pulled out as needed. Occasionally, rootbeer for "pizza night" but mostly, we have moved to alternative beverages. I also drink alot of plain water.

SheilaPCT said...

AAA? I have found it is worth it....