Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fiscal fast day 7: LOVE my hybrid car!

I've owned my new to me car for 16 days now, since I was in the city, it was time to fill it up.

Granted, I've had several intentional, leave it parked at home days with this car, but still, $28.16 for 2 weeks + of fuel? I was used to $100/month as my gasoline budget. Looks like I should drop it down to $60. Nice savings.

Since I was there, I picked up a gallon of milk. $2.99 cash.

Speaking of utilities . . .I had a 3 week's worth of trash and recycling receipt that I didn't mention-$7.80 in fees, still keeping in my budget in that area.

Medical appointment today for DS . . no cost as we've maxed out our deductible. Set up my evaluation for PT, 5 days post op, as well as the first month of rehab. I only have a limited number of days for my "year" so I have to watch this. I won't skimp on this, however, as I know first hand how important rehab it in order to get the max. result from surgery. So far, no cost.

Received a "pending" estimate of benefits for a minor dental procedure for one kidlet. Need to keep on top of that as it's scheduled in a few weeks.

After the medical appointment, I came home to this:

So, I quickly made this:
 Yup, using the small, table top, convection oven again. 3 days straight now. It's a real energy saver for me. Homemade cornbread. I don't have any buttermilk, so I made it with some low fat yogurt, which I've done before, came out great.
Kidlet's supper, with some of the end of Monteray jack cheese, that I shredded over the top.

Washing a load of towels at the moment, yesterday's laundry is dried and folded. I came up with a no cost solution to the drafts that come up through the floor boards that serve as a cabinet bottom to the kitchen sink cabinet:

I intitially thought about using some of the foam gap sealer stuff in a can, then thought that maybe I should get a cheap, vinyl table cloth to line this cabinet. Further thinking brought me to the conclussion: just use some of the leftover 6 ml poly plastic in the front utility closet, which is exactly what I did. I doubled it over, it's far from perfect, there are still gaps where the pipes fit in the cabinet (I don't want to cut the plastic, therefor limiting any future repurposing). It's about 5 degrees at the moment-it's COLD. Anything to make this place more comfortable.

My tip of the day:

35 cents that I found on the floor today at work.

So while there were some expenditures (gas, milk), these are necessities. So far, so good.


Hawaii Planner said...

You're doing great! Chili & cornbread sounds super yummy. No one else in my family will eat soup (except for butternut squash), so I rarely make it.

Belinda said...

Good idea to line that cabinet with plastic. Every little bit helps.

We had cornbread with our dinner too. Must have been a cornbread kind of day.

Nice savings on the auto gas bill! I should see some this month too since we've not been to school and have had so many days where we just stayed home. I need to venture out today and at least start my car. I have a new battery though, so it should be fine, but still need to start it.

Softie said...

I am curious how your new little car handles in the ice and snow?

CTMOM said...

Softie, one perk of my job is that when it's that bad out, work is cancelled! Been through two storms so far, don't want to jinx myself, but so far, so good. My town treats (plow/salt/sand) the roads very well, consistantly.