Monday, January 6, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 6: use what you've got

After work, the twins had their monthly orthodonture checkup, they are both finally ready to get them removed. I had paid off their bills years ago, using FSA funds. They will soon get retainers, at no additional cost, as they are included in the set fee contract. 5 of us have used this particular MD, and he has been very accomodating. Soon, I won't have the monthly (although now lower with my new car)gas expense to drive them over to the next town for check ups. Nice. Once home, I set my attention to dinner.

 Fish on Monday's menu: tuna casserole, using sale priced shell pasta, some marked down mushrooms that had to go, 1/2 a bag of sale priced fzn mixed veg, 2 cans of chunk lite Aldi's tuna, a can of cr mushroom-again Aldi's, instant milk I reconstituted, black pepper, organic dill weed, minced onion
 After filling the casserole dish, I added the bit of Cheddar I had left, freshly grating it over the top.
 I then sprinkled on some French's french fried onions that I recently bought on sale plus a large coupon
 Although not the photo I took yesterday, it could have been. Once again the same casserole dish, the same repurposed bit of tin foil is being used to bake off supper in the convection mini oven vs using the large oven in the range.
 Here it is! Came out really good, served 4, have 2 lunch containers prepared for tomorrow.
 A quick salad had me using up the rest of the organic, baby salad greens. Served with choice of dressing; we used up the Ranch fast food packet as well as the rest of the homemade Dorothy Lynch dressing.

 Rinsed out the plastic baggie that held the lettuce
 Made a fresh pot of decaf peach tea (this weekend's Freecycle freebie)

Any leftover tea will be decanted into this pitcher, and used to fill plastic refillable drink bottles for the kids to take to school in their lunches.

 Once supper was squared away, I turned to Tuesday's meal offerings, preparing what I can in advance. Having recently unearthed some black beans, (stored in 2 separate jars at the time, now all together), I knew that I wanted to use those up first. Beans really stretch my meat usage, and therefor my budget. 2 pints home canned organic CSA tomatoes, an onion, chilli seasoning, 2 8 oz pkgs ground beef, bought on marked down were gathered.
 Judy-this is for you! Tuesday is often Crock Pot day, as we have a long standing late afternoon medical commitment. This thrift shop version will be called into service.
As supper was baking, I simmered the black beans, now drained, awaiting me in the morning, quietly resting in the CP. When I get home tomorrow, I'll make a quick batch of homemade corn bread to accompany. Record low temps, this will be a welcomed dinner!

Additionally, I have 2 loads of laundry drying by the wood stove and radiator. 

Cash expenditure today: $0

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Belinda said...

I was so glad when my daughter "graduated" from her allergy shots because that is a huge commitment and it saved me gas from driving to town every week.

I love those older small crockpots because they work so well. I've had two or three of the big ones and have them stored in the cabinet because my smaller ones work the best. There is nothing like them to cook up some beans.

We had Monday off from school and now Tuesday due to this ice/snow/cold temps. I haven't ventured out of the house since Saturday, so a couple of no spend days in a row. Those are the best. :)

Stay warm.