Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 5: tweaking the menu a bit

Slept in a bit, OJ & coffee, finished the rest of the planned over pancakes, added some leftover bacon on the side. Delicious.

 Already did one load of laundry (towels), now in the dryer, and have a second load in the washer (colored clothes on cold). The second batch will be hung up in the living room, next to the radiator and wood stove. I calculated the cost savings, well over a year ago, and based upon CT's high electric rates, I was saving 91cents/load every time I line dried.( Siginificant savings when prorated over the year. I'll continue to do so.

Tweaking the dinner menu a bit: still having baked chicken thighs, but I also pulled out a tub of leftover, chicken gravy to use up,

 to be served over some old potatoes that will be mashed. They've gotta go, so the rice that was initially planned, will wait some more in the cupboard.

 I rinsed off the defrosted chicken thighs, seasoned with Fox's point, and a large, sliced onion that had to get used up.
I saved the sprouted part to use like I would scallions.

To conserve energy, I am baking the chicken in a casserole dish, covered with repurposed, tin foil. This saves significantly over using the huge oven. (I have an extra wide range here)
Green veggie day: green beans, as well as sauteed, organic Chard, which DD and I both love!

I first sauteed the chopped chard stems before adding the leaves that I cut into chiffonades, seasoning with this garlic and herb seasoning that was gifted to me. Delicious, but GERD doesn't like garlic, so I took one of my OTC pills as a result, to be proactive.
Green beans were drained, and both the beans and the gravy will be reheated, using the microwave, again-another energy saving method.

Don't think we'll have a salad, just keeping it simple today.

My supper plate-yum!

I have cupcakes for dessert seekers; I'll probably just settle for a cup or 2 of hot, herbal tea after dinner. Perfect.

DD is currently without her car, as she skidded off the snowy road on Friday, as she was driving to work. Although I suggested that she take the main roads, she chose to take the usual back roads, and ended up in a situation like that of this photo from the Internet. Physically, she is totally fine, and she kept her wits about her, called 911, and Progressive, got help. Car was towed to a city garage/body shop, which was closed yesterday so she will have to work with her Dad who works nearby to get the car checked out, and sent to a different body shop (which we have worked with, trust)if needed. Since the tow truck was affiliated with body shop # 1, they insisted that it go to their garage. She missed 2 boulders and a tree; a very lucky girl.  Left mirror ripped off, some bumper damage but the underside needs to be inspected to ensure that there is no damage to gas lines, etc. An expensive lesson hopefully was learned. So, I will drive and pick her up today from work, she isn't scheduled to work again until Th afternoon. Hopefully, she can get this quickly sorted out, and/or borrow Dad's car for the short term.

This afternoon will be spent grading some  papers, tweaking some midterm exams so that I can get them copied later this week. January always just flies by for me!


Nancy said...

Things can be replaced if need be, people cannot. Thank goodness your daughter is ok. Scary experience for her. I just finished up doing some necessary paperwork for tomorrow myself. I'm in as good a shape as I can be for the first lunch service of the month (always a headache with lots of people 'forgetting' it is a new month and kids with no money and no lunch needing to be fed). Provided we do have school. Weather reports calling for more snow and bitter cold.

The domestic Groove said...

I am glad your daughter is ok. I get the best ideas from your blog posts. Your blog is a must read for me daily!

Belinda said...

Glad your daughter is OK and like you said, hopefully lesson learned. The last time it snowed a lot here even the main road was hard to travel, so the back roads were definitely out.