Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 4: love Freecycle!

Slept in a bit, served the leftover (planned over) pancakes for this morning's breakfast, along with choice of juice, coffee/tea/cocoa.
Some hangs off of hangers, some rests directly on the radiator cover

Got last night's laundry out of the washer, and hung up on clothes racks, then washed another load (most of the bedding) and that is now alongside the other laundry, near the large radiator and wood stove.

 It should be all dry, folded, put away by bedtime.

I had someone stop and pick up a Freecycle offering this morning, as I knew they would literally be driving right by the pick up location. Saved me the trip (time and little gas using a hybrid) and I ended up receiving this:

A brand new bag of Harney and sons, Peach decaf tea. Smells soooo good.  This retails for $15:

I serve hot tea every night after supper, and I suspect that this would be delicious cold, so the twins may be taking some to school in their refillable bottles. What a nice treat!

Lunch today ended up being for one, and there is one more serving left for DD, if she gets hungry later. I cooked up the rest of some Farfalle that wouldn't fit into my gallon glass jar (now recycled the box) so I am pleased to get the box out of my cabinet. I drained the pasta, then dumped the leftover sauce into the pan, using residual heat (electric stove) to warm the sauce through, before adding the pasta back to the pan. Delicious.

Finally got word on line, that my auto ins. policy is corrected/accurate. I paid the additional $42 for replacing my '09  Yaris with a 2010 Prius. Done.

Supper tonight: the homemade chicken-vegetable-rice soup that I made yesterday. Serving soup every Saturday is a real blessing for me. Saves me time, avoids food waste, too. Option for some crackers/bread and butter/margarine if desired.

A box mix of brownies with walnuts added is cooling off while I prepared a box cake mix (Aldi's)

into 24 cupcakes, so as to use up all/most of the 3 small tubs of different frostings. Once the cupcakes were done, I shut off the oven.
I had 2 bread machines going (both for white sandwich bread using AP flour and wheat gluten in lieu of bread flour as I want to use the gluten up). The dough rose again in bread pans, in the preheated oven.

2, 2 lb loaves made from what is on hand, sure beats the $4 if not more, that the stores charge for "decent" bread.

 Baking for the upcoming week is done, perhaps some mending will take place later. But either way, it's been  a relaxing, day at home. How's your spending going?


Softie said...

You've been busy! Good deal on that tea. All that cooking and baking looks yummy!

DW said...

You have had a busy day!

How is adding the gluten to AP flour working out with your bread?

CTMOM said...

Based on what I read (see:, I decided to use AP flour but adding the powdered gluten I had lingering in my pantry, to help ensure a quality, end product, which I have been getting. My purpose now is to continue this mix,until the aforementioned gluten is used up, then return to using bread flour, which I recently stocked up on, as it was an awesome price ($1.99?). When I first went to using the gluten, it was because I ran out of bread flour. Circumstances being what they are, I am trying to keep costs down, use what i already have.