Friday, January 3, 2014

Fiscal fast: day 3

It's downright, wicked cold today. Woke up to 3 degrees, it's now a balmy 10, but supposed to drop to minus 9 tonight. Brrr.  Wood stove going, blinds pulled open on sunny side of house, 2 zones set to 55, heart of home set to 65, and the furnace keeps coming on.  Finally got plowed around 11 this morning=another bill coming at the end of the month. DD went for work, only to skid off the road. She is fine, bumper and mirror, not so much. Cop on scene, tow truck called. Sigh. It happens.

All laundry finished drying from yesterday, folded and put away. When I went to grab the towels out of the dryer, I discovered a dead mouse on the basement floor. Ick. I assume got into the De-con that the LL had her handyman put down, last year, at my request. We haven't seen anymore upstairs at least.  I finally got the kids school photos mailed out, using generic note stationary, and writing, "Best wishes for a happy 2014!" inside. I limited mailings to my 6 aunts/uncles, 2 Godparents of the youngest who had pictures taken this year, my Mom. Decided not to send any out to my cousins, as I have done in years past. They never reciprocate, postage adds up. Looks like I'll limit Xmas cards/ sending photos to the aforementioned, older relatives. Done.
An unexpected bonus when I went to grab my old address book, was finding a brand new one with it. I have been meaning to buy a new address book and eliminate the names associated with my now X. Perfect, expenditure avoided.

 Paid the plow bill (ouch!) from Dec and the cable bill. I called the auto ins co., as "on line" it still shows my now traded in car, as still being on the policy. Huh? According to the service rep, it takes some time for adjustments to show, she is seeing the 12/23 date when the car in question was replaced with my new to me car, OK. I got the figure that is now due-an additional $42. Ok, once the on line stuff recalibrates, I'll pay that.

Breakfast was fried eggs in reserved bacon fat, toast, OJ, coffee/tea.

Lunch: I had the rest of the egg noodles with the rest of the spaghetti noodles on top and some leftover sauce. If you look closely, you can see the egg noodles on the bottom, right.

For the twins, I offered some freshly made soup:

My inspiration: 2 tubs of homemade chicken stock, a tub with some leftover chicken thighs, leftover rice, leftover corn.

 I started by warming up the broth that I defatted, and poaching the chicken thighs for 1 hour.
 Spices I added,substituting some old, chicken bouillon for salt. Used that up, great. I have some fresh bouillon to turn to as needed.
 I grabbed some additional ingredients: a quart's worth of organic, home canned tomatoes, leftover seasoned green beans
 celery and carrots-both were getting old
 while the chicken cooked, I chopped the fresh vegetables

I then removed the chicken, allowed it to cool, while I added everything else to the soup pot.

 Once deboned, the meat was chopped and also added to the soup.
One kidlet's soup bowl. Yum! We'll have more over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I heard from my X, he won't pick up the twins until tomorrow. Ok, 2 more for dinner. I was going to have the aforementioned soup. Hmmm . . I know! Breakfast for dinner!

I grabbed a pkg of bacon from the freezer,

I drained the fried bacon on the backside of a flour bag. We use very little paper towels in this home, about 2 rolls/year, as a result of tricks such as these.

Once cooled, the bacon fat from the frying pan was decanted into my awaiting bacon fat jar for future frying.

I mixed up a batch of pancake batter. Perfect! I used this recipe:
Beat the following together in a small bowl, then set aside:
1 egg
1 1/4 cups buttermilk or sour milk (I used instant and added 1 Tbsp white vinegar per cup to sour the milk, let set 5 minutes)
2 Tbsp cooking oil

In a large bowl, mix:
1 cup all purpose flour
1 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Pour liquid into the dry ingredients and mix till blended but slightly lumpy. Cook on greased griddle.

* I tripled the recipe

 My trusty, rectangular griddle that was bought on clearance at Target years ago, in South Carolina. I use this so much!

 Love being able to cook so many, so quickly.

I store my cooked pancakes on a plate in the microwave, which acts like a warming oven.
 I shut the stove burners off, but since the griddle was still hot, I was able to quickly scramble some eggs.
Breakfast for dinner! It's been ages since I did this. Kids liked it.

Need to get the darn tree down (kids are dragging their feet and i like it gone come Jan 1), and have older DS take it outside to the woods. Also need to bring some firewood in to "warm up" for tonight and tomorrow. Trying to burn cold wood is not easy.

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