Friday, January 24, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 23: continuing the path

No photos, sorry. My camera on my cell phone is being strange. Gotta stop in at Verizon this weekend and figure that out. Meanwhile, Thursday was a typical day, as far as holding the bottom line down is concerned. Bfst and dinner at home. Lunch, however, was provided by the parents for their annual thankyou luncheon for teachers. Assorted wraps, assorted salads, assorted individual bags of chips, assorted bottled drinks and lots of choices for mostly homemade, desserts: cookie bars, cookies, cakes etc. That was the day's freebie.

Laundry done, dried on the clothes horses.

Monthly cleaning crew was here, it was a span of 5 weeks, and although we do daily "damage control"-the home was is need of  a deep clean.

So glad that exams are done, have just one left to grade, have to work on recommendations, reports for my administrator, getting all of my things settled, as I close the semester out, prepare for next week's surgery.

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j said...

Hoping surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is quick.