Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fiscal Fast, day 22: Brunch at home, use what's on hand, more laundry, yet another oil delivery

 Product review: I picked up this tube of turkey breakfast sausage at WM, using a large coupon in the process. Figure that we'd try it at least. I cut it into 8 patties and fried them off in a cast iron skillet. A watery liquid came out of the sausage while cooking, later turning more into liquified fat. Shrug. Maybe I don't want to know. It had the usual breakfast sausage taste, texture was different from the usual pork sausage I serve. Would I buy it again? If found super cheap, as this one was, yes, but I'd be more inclined to fry it off as crumbles and use it in a quiche.
 Our school had a three hour delay today-unheard of, but efforts are being made to wrap up exams as we need to get finalized, Senior transcripts out to colleges, for acceptance. I made a brunch this morning, since I was home. Pictured are the cooked, sausage patties alongside the French toast I made, in an effort to use up surplus bread on hand before it goes moldy. Made an extra loaf this weekend, then college boy tells me he doesn't need bread.
 While the griddle pan was still hot, I made some scrambled eggs to accompany. Cocoa, coffee, OJ were also served.
Here's my plate. Boys got home for 1, I came home @ 2:45 and we had a late lunch together.

Kids had soup

I took some of the leftover, Basmati rice and topped it with leftover, steamed cabbage covered in leftover stewed tomatoes. I sprinkled some cooked bacon on top. YUM!  THe rest of some canned pineapple and a cup of decaf peach tea (thanks Freecycle!) and that was my lunch today.

Chicken burgers are on deck for dinner for 2 tonight. with planned overs intended.

Ingredients out of the freezer: homemade bread crumbs, marked down ground chicken, chopped organic CSA leeks, hamburger buns.

 A salad will complete the meal.

More laundry, again drying in the living room.

Jan 7-Jan 21 2014 used 130.7 gallons @ $3.99/gallon $522.67/15 days=8.71/gallons/day
Came home to yet another oil bill. It's heating season, after all. Considering also the polar vortex, and this new cold blast, it's about right, in fact it's BETTER than last year:

Dec 28-Jan 18, 2013 used 191.3 gallons @ $3.89/gal $745.88 (20 days = 9.6 gallons/day)


Gill - That British Woman said...

our oil bill from 9th December to January 16th was around $530 CDN, and we used just over 400 litres (I think) It's bitter cold here again, so thinking this month will be no better.

Bargain Mom said...

Good job on the oil savings....
We didn't try for that sausage when we tried it before. It was just ok.

Take a look at my dinner recipe.

Belinda said...

Your brunch and dinner look good, Carol. That salad looks refreshing.

Good job on the savings on the oil. The improvements you've made over the year are definitely showing in your savings from last year.

I'll be glad when some of this cold weather lets up here. We are having another snow day tomorrow because of it. We only went to school two days this week. ::sigh::