Monday, January 20, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 20: planning ahead, great gas mileage

Overnight, one of my Crock Pots turned a turkey carcass into 2 1/2 qts free stock, and a pint container of additional, picked off meat. A turkey chilli is on deck for tomorrow, a turkey tettrazini later on this week. Perfect.

Twins each got haircuts @ SuperCuts, $20 each, including tip. I had my monthly hair appointment today, as well, much more expensive, but considered cheap for around here.

This morning's new broadcast alerted us to an impending snow storm tomorrow, so we took advantage of being in the city:

Topped up my car today, instead of the usual Tuesday fill up, as I suspect I will be at home, not attending any afternoon commitments in the same city. Gas in town is easily 30-40 cents higher. I love that I am averaging less than 1/2 of what I used to use in my 42 mpg car. Instead of a 9 gallon fill up, just over 4 will do, thank you very much. Love that I paid $3.44 for gas as well.

Popped into Aldi's for a gallon of milk and treated the twins to a take and bake pizza.

Nearby is WM, so we popped in there as well, for new dishwashing gloves. I normally keep a spare pair, optimally purchased on sale or with a rare coupon. I am down to one glove, which I will keep as a back up for my new sets. I ended up with 2 pair of "limited edition" blue gloves, not that I care, but they now match the kitchen! I am still using 1980's pink, plastic bins, however, so my old pink gloves can coordinate with those! LOL! I've never seen the need to replace these items, just due to color. With my eczyma, wearing gloves is essential come Winter.

DD brought more firewood in, although we will need some more twigs for fire starting. Will have to grab some come morning light.

Ran a load of towels through the washer, and only gave them 30 minutes in the dryer. they are now hanging on clothes horses in front of the large radiator in the living room, and will be finished drying come morning.

Since I was in the city, I thrifted for some needs for college boy. Looking for a Crockpot, a dresser, a coat rack. Found a CP at Goodwill-$12.99. No thanks. I tried Salvation Army, and found a ton of dressers with a few contenders. I snapped photos of the 3 best options, IMO,  and sent them along to DS, along with the prices.

 Cheapest was $21, most expensive $70 (comes with a mirror as well). Many were pretty junky/beat up. I also hit Savers, while they did have a CP, it was a much larger, round one and I felt it was just too big for their needs. So, I am gifting them one of my purchased for $5 CP's from a thrift shop.
 As far as the dresser goes, he needs to talk that over with the GF. I also saw a nice, small, rectangular kitchen table for $40. Would need to acquire chairs, which they also have. Not sure what kind of a set up they have in their appartment.

Fish for supper tonight:

Horseradish encrusted, wild caught Pollock; Basmati rice; steamed, shredded cabbage with stewed tomatoes on top. Delicious.

Now the forecast has the snow possibly starting overnight and not ending until Wed morning. Sigh. I'm weary of snow already.


janie said...

Maybe try posting a "Wanted" request on Freecycle. Your son might be able to get his needs for .00 dollars.

Good luck, Janie

CTMOM said...

DD asked her Dad if he has any furniture, and is willing to gift a tall bookcase to college boy. Still needs a dresser, a rolling coat rack to serve as a closet, and yes, I have already thought of Freecycle. Thanks for the suggestion! : )