Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 19: talking turkey, saving on RXs

Per usual, Sunday supper is a big meat cooking meal, to provide planned overs, and sandwich fillings as well as soup stock. Today's menu is a mini Thanksgiving. We eat turkey year round, often turning to hotel style turkey breasts. The one for today was a Shoprite loss leader in the Fall, @ 99 cents/lb. I still have a few identical ones in my upright freezer as well as some of the ones from Target, bought for the same price.

Roasting it off in my maternal grandmother's vintage, Westinghouse oven roaster. Still works great all these years later! So nice to have an extra oven when needed.

 Sides will be homemade gravy, homemade and canned cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots with peas, a small green salad with choice of dressing.

 I even plan on making some pumpkin pies.

One item of business today, was to reorder my daily, nasal allergy sprays. I compared prices using the mail order price lookup. All prices are for 3 month supply:

Spray # 1 name brand/generic
At pharmacy: $403.79/$279.99
Home delivery: $398.32/$258.89

Spray # 2 name brand/generic
At pharmacy: $267.77/$263.96
Home delivery: $86.96/$80.94

Most expensive option: $671.56
Cheapest option: $339.83 *(I go with home delivery, generics on both)

Better yet: watching the calendar and planning my medical visits if at all possible to after we've hit our high deductible, and it's all free. I ordered my refills on line today, they will be mailed to me within 1 week. I will do this again in April and July, and my Rx's will continue to be free as my current HSA plan runs until Aug 31st. Starting in Sept, we will again have to hit $4000 in expenses before they will pay out. I plan on returning to my Allergist in August, so at least his visit will be covered. I am uncertain if they would refill a RX in Aug, if I ordered the same RX in July.


sqbdew said...

I do not understand. If they are free right now as you have hit your deductible, why not just get name brand and from the pharmacy?

CTMOM said...

The generic formulation works just fine for me, as well as the name brand, which I did take for years. I wouldn't say the same in regards to a stomach medication that I took, however. In this case, it works. To switch over to the local pharmacy, I'd have to phone the MD, and request another RX to be sent to the local pharmacy for monthly pickup from now until Aug31. I would then revert back to mail order, as it does offer savings. Getting a 3 month supply is a convenience for me, for our maintenance Rx s. Besides, it's mailed right to my home. The local pharmacy is open something like 9 am (I am at work for 7) until 5:30 or 6, and then on Sat from 9-1, closed Sun. I wouldn't have to work around their hours, make a trip to that side of town, worry about missing their open hours, etc. Bottom line for me is that the generics work, and getting them free at the moment is awesome. Come Sept 1, we are paying for everything until we hit $4000 again (excluding well women care, annual physicals, dental cleanings). I am being proactive, calculating when I can next fill the mail order meds, keeping the Sept 1 date in mind. Hoping to handle a list of medical appointments from now until Sept 1 as well.

Mary Lou said...

Mail order works best for me. My insurance won't give me 3 months worth if I go to the pharmacy, but with mail order then will so I opt for mail order always.

~Carla~ said...

I can't imagine having to hit $4K before being covered for medical... :( We have to pay out a $50 deductive to our private insured in Jan. After that, we get 100% coverage for the entire year. Such a blessing!

Belinda said...

I would definitely order the generics from online and how nice that it is delivered right to your home, so you won't have to go to the pharmacy and wait for them. Even when they have my Rxs, I usually have to wait in a long line to get them, so mail delivery is wonderful to me.

Your turkey dinner sounds delicious and makes me want one. lol I have cranberries in my refrigerator that I need to do something with, maybe I'll work on that today.