Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 16: Getting the facts, credit card debt from Christmas,clothes shopping, use what you've got

Consulted with my Union rep today, as nowhere in our contract can I find any language that addresses some questions I have in regards to my upcoming, UNpaid medical leave. Per advice, I have been in touch with Human Resources to get some answers, specifically, how will my unpaid leave be addressed as I have to continue to pay my medical ins, union dues, HSA contributions etc. HR person # 1 bounced that to HR person # 2, who has now bounced it over to HR person # 3. Hope to quickly get a response, as I need some solid figures on what I know will be a significant, financial hit. Need the numbers so that I can crunch them, and plan accordingly.

Fortunately, this is not me. I only have one credit card,and I am the customer that the bank hates. I pay it off monthly, in full, using their money for free. I even have racked up $112 in cash rewards that I am building up for (most likely) my next laptop purchase. While some of the expenditures for Christmas were put on the CC, it's paid off, in fact, I prepaid my January bill, so there is no payment due this month. My next statement will generate in about a week, but won't be due for another month  (Feb 17th). Reviewing my additional charges, I can see that they are the usual culprits: gasoline, heating oil, cleaning service, hair services, netflix (currently on a promo offer), newspaper (dropped down to Sunday only). I'm Ok with this, I remain able to pay these charges, so it's all good as DS #1 would say. Meanwhile, I am under a fiscal  fast. I would LOVE to replace my now quite tired, long and 3/4 sleeved, darker colored aka "Fall/Winter" season knit tops, but that will have to wait. It doesn't make sense to purchase clothes right now. I've been wearing the aforementioned more as I am forced to wear sneakers due to my ankle brace, so I am wearing jeans to work-something normally set aside for Fridays, half days. Dress clothes with sneakers would look ridiculous! So workday casual or very casual it is at the moment with no intentions of purchasing any replacement clothing. I will soon be off work, recovering, so no urgency and when I return to work, it'll be the end of March at this point, so my knit T's combined with my lighter cardigans will be worn. 

Breakfast and lunch eaten/brought from home. No laundry day.

 A wing it and so simple it's silly recipe: I brought 1 1/2 quarts of homemade chicken stock to a low simmer, adding additional water, spices, 2 grated carrots, 2 stalks of celery that I diced small
 I added one pkg of dried tortellini that was bought on marked down this last Summer. I would have liked 2 pkgs, only had 1 of this "flavor."
 Next, I added some leftover Chinese, plain, white rice, and 1/2 a bag of peas.
Yum! Crackers served on the side, this was dinner.


Anonymous said...

What about short term disability? Do you pay into that at work? Isn't that something the union helps with?

CTMOM said...

Bargain, we pay into long term disability, no short term. I await more info.

Anonymous said...

We have AFLAC and short term disability so we are lucky. Short term kicks in after 15 days but because AFLAC is paid by us it kicks in right away.

Hope you get it straightened out. I swear dealing with HR is one of the circles of hell.

Soup looks delish by the way

Theresa said...

Your blog is so refreshing. I love all the ways you save and the recipes you share.

I hope that your surgery goes well and that you recover quickly.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Theresa

CTMOM said...

Union spoke with HR. Looks like there will be no pay in March, no deductions either. Once I return to work, by April, hopefully, they will calculate what my salary is, minus the 1/200 per day I am to be docked (sp?) and then calculate what deductions should be taken put Mar-June, and refigure my checks for the remaining months of the school year. I'm bracing for a hit, will move savings over to checking and we're holding on tight. It'll be a rough ride, but we'll be OK.

Precious said...

That soup looks delicious.

CTMOM said...

As a child, I learned from my maternal, great-grandmother how to make soup out of nothing. It did come out very good. I've got one more serving left, for either today or tomorrow's lunch, if not, it'll become my lunch on Tues.