Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 15: why I love my doctor, helping family, and a freebie

Returning from lunch break today, students brought me a hazelnut coffee with cream n sugar-nice! That's today's freebie.

Usual routine here-all meals either from home or eaten at home. 2 loads of wash, towels in dryer, colored clothes on clothes horses. Making 2 loaves of bread for the rest of this week.

I phoned my doctor, as it's been 7 weeks since my bad fall, and I still have issues with my ankle. It's MUCH better, but I can't NOT wear my ankle brace. I was wondering if this is normal, is there anything else we should do, should I just give it more time, do I need to come in?. He called me back himself (none of this secretary patching me through business) and we spoke for several minutes. Bottom line: while I could do PT, I can't afford to use the remaining PT days I have this year, due to my upcoming surgery. I am to continue as I have been, just give it more time. It's all good. We have a date in 2 weeks, for my shoulder surgery, so I'll see him then. This call cost me nothing. I could have made an appointment, and he would have been paid, but I still would have been out $0 due to having maxed out our deductible until Sept 1. One of the reasons that I love my doctor. : )

DS # 1 officially moved out of his Dad's home, into a small, studio rental just north of the city we frequent. Long story, short: he's with a significant other, and neither of them have much; I'm hoping that it'll help DS to learn to budget money. They stored things from the GF's appartment here for a few days, while she vacated her former housing situation, which was not a good one, to say the least. (lots of drama).  I cautioned them to get set up, then make a list of needs and another of wants and to share it with me as I can often acquire stuff thru Freecycle, getting the word out, etc. Then we'd move to hitting the many thrift shops in the area, starting with the lower priced ones, of course. Before leaving this afternoon, I "shopped" my pantry and cabinets with DS. Didn't supply everything, but at least there are some basics on hand, and they can flesh out the rest. If they HAD to, they can survive until the weekend with just what I gave them. DS will also hit me up for some stockpiled cleaning supplies tomorrow. I am blessed to be able to do this for him, I did the same for DD when she moved into her college appartment. I even supplied a plastic tub with some homemade soup for tonight's supper, and a 2 lb loaf of homemade bread.. : )


slugmama said...

Hey, You are a good mom lady!

~Carla~ said...

So glad that your ankle is healing... and awesome that you have a GOOD Dr! They're hard to find!!

Wonderful that you had extra's to help DS! You can always help him with his budgeting.. maybe a throw a book his way or a few tips! ;)

CTMOM said...

Carla, Yes, it's a blessing. Not offended when I seek second opinions, personable, takes time to answer my questions and explain things so that I understand them (not that I am obtuse!) as like many physicians, he speaks Medical when I need the vernacular. Even will draw a picture on the paper sheet that covers the exam table.

I grew up with the pantry principal, and recently stocked up on some canned vegetables at Shoprite's can-can sale. Cans of veg for 37 or 49 cents, depending on type, is cheaper than even Aldi's. I can't afford NOT to take advantage of those prices. DS is asking for a cookbook. I think I can help with that. : )

CTMOM said...

I try. I don't always win the popular vote amongst the kids, but I do have the best of intentions.