Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 14: just the usual, and a freebie

Just the standard expenditures today: first off, the rent check that is due tomorrow, but as long as it's post marked by the 15th, it is considered paid. I mailed it from work today. Done.

Had  medical appointment, no copay.

Afterwards, we filled up the car at the cheap gas staion-$25.17 this week. Would have liked to see that lower, but I had 4 unexpected trips to the city last week.

On the way home, stopped in and grabbed DD's RX that was ready-again $0 as we've maxed the high deductible.

Back home, the casserole I prepared last night is cooking away now in the table top, convection oven. A simple green salad and supper is done. Of courses, bfst and lunch (leftovers for me and DD, sandwiches, brownie and tea in refillable bottles for twins) came from home.

Plan on running a load of towels through the washer and dryer after kidlet finishes his shower.

A good day, just the essentials.

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