Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fiscal fast, day 12: Making investments, frozen assets, planning ahead

After a late breakfast/brunch at home, DD and I ventured out for the Can Can sale. With yesterday's torrential rain, it seemed that everyone else had that on their agenda as well. We stuck to the list: case of green beans, case of French green beans, case of sliced beets, case of 29 oz tomato puree, 6 cans each: pinto, black, kidney beans, a 20 ct box of Finish gel tabs (I've learned that the gel tabs don't require pulling off a plastic overwrapper, bad for environment, hard for me to do with my hands),a large beef roast, 2 cans pineapple juice, 2 bags fzn broccoli, 2 bags fzn Summer/Zuke squash mix. Spent $56.91, saved $4.15 with coupons.

Here's the 6 lb, bottom rump roast I bought, on sale @ $2.49/lb. Now cut in half, it'll serve as 2 meals with planned overs afterwards. Into the stand alone freezer they went.

Hit up Aldi's as well:
ginger ale (keep on hand for sick tummies) and cola(for migraines), eggs, berries, 1 box granola bars, 2 gallons milk, 2 cans fzn OJ, 2 bags fzn peas, 4 cans ck lite tuna, 2 bottles apple juice, 2 bottles "splash" juice, 4 cans baked beans, 1 18 ct double roll TP, 1 tub grated Parmesan, 1 pkg flour tortillas. Spent $46.32.

Final stop: Dollar Tree:
headband for Dd, 4 Europeen chocolate bars, a 2 ct pkg aluminum baking trays for today's frozen assets.
Spent: $6.38.

Today's marathon cooking, meat stuffed shells:  (

 Step one: again, make a pot of marinara
 Fry off the meat. I used 4 1/2 lbs instead of the required 6, substituting Italian sausage for the ground pork

While the meat, celery and onion were frying off, I made some bread crumbs, turning to the many bread ends collected in a plastic bin on my counter, and drying out.  A quick whirl in the Cuisinart made short work of turning them into crumbs. I added extra crumbs to stretch the meat.
 Here's my filling station.

 2 trays ready for the freezer

And one for tonight.

Delicious! I haven't made this version in YEARS!

I can't fit anything else in this refrigerator freezer, my stand alone freezer is equally packed. A good feeling as I enter exam week, with surgery just around the corner.

Planning ahead for tomorrow, and the rest of the upcoming work/school week:

 2 ABM's are running, to later be baked off in the oven. Honey whole wheat this week.
 More decaf, peach tea. Yum! to fill lunch bottles
Home roasted turkey breast, to be sliced for sandwiches.

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Anonymous said...

I love the can can sale! My freezer is full also and I made two loaves of bread tonight; one honey wheat and one sandwhich bread. I do want to go back to shoprite this week to pick up another roast but besides that we are well stocked.