Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiscal fast day 10: use what you've got

A small snow squall delayed my kids going to school today, but I still had to go at the regular time. Roads weren't really treated, I assume the thought was to keep the snow to act as traction over any ice underneath until the plow trucks could get out and salt/sand. While temps warmed up later this afternoon, they were just skirting 32 degrees, so I anticipate black ice tonight. Can't wait for the older kids to come home.  Bfst and lunch was prepared from home. Mailed the electric bill off, remain irritated that even though it jumped to just over $100 last month, THIS month, it's even $20 more! WTH? could it be the flood lights that someone likes to leave on all day sometimes? those are some of the few, non cfl bulbs in this home.Sigh. I keep at it. 

 Brought these paper goods home from work today: lunch plates, bowls, small dessert plates. These are leftover from last year, have been lurking in a cabinet. They will come in handy as I recouperate, if not for emergency/power outages.

Came home and ran 2 loads of wash: colored in cold, now hanging to dry; towels in warm, now in the dryer. Both were super sized loads, using bargain detergent. Took the bulk of the tree down (kids kept pushing it off) but can't do the rest, so college boy is coming over in a bit to help, and to get that huge thing out of here and into the woods before the torrential rains come tomorrow.
Inspiration for tonight's supper: the 2 lurking hamburger buns. Just dinner for 2 tonight, so I rummaged through the freezer, and unearthed a pkg with just 2 wild caught salmon patties. Perfect. I also found a bag of fzn onion rings and grabbed a 1/2 full bag of mixed veggies. Stuff is outta there! it's getting eaten. Meets all of my goals.


Frugal Woman said...

I read your blog everyday? Of course I am such a lurker I never comment. Just a quick note that I love how matter a fact you are and how inspirational your blog is. Am hoping to have my finances together soon, keep inspiring me!

CTMOM said...

Hi Frugal Woman,
Pull up a chair and sit a spell! Stay out of lurkdom. : )

Lili said...

Our electric bill is always super high covering the month of December. Even though we limit how much we use our Christmas lights, that adds to the bill. Plus the days are shortest, so we use lights for more hours. And with bad weather, we just spend more time indoors in December than any other month, meaning that we're using appliances and lights for more daytime hours than we would in other months. All those little bits add up.

Could you replace the floodlights with lower wattage bulbs? Do you need all of the floods that you have in each area, or could you unscrew one or two?

Hopefully your next bill will see a decrease, and not increase.

Belinda said...

Yum, we love salmon sandwiches here. I have two cans in my pantry and have salmon patties on the menu for this weekend. I even have some buns, so I'll be making sandwiches as well.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, these are what I'll call pressed into a patty shape, fish burgers that only contain seasoning, if memory serves me well, not my usual, stretched with bread crumbs and shredded vegetables version. It was a treat, an expensive item on sale plus a deal with a large coupon. We also enjoy canned salmon, sadly, fresh fish has gotten so expensive.

CTMOM said...


I know that I can keep my electric under $100/month. I'm wondering what caused last month's increase to about $105, and now am frustrated that it's crept up another $20. there is one flood light that we put on in the morning for the bus (I leave just before the boys do) and DD is supposed to shut it off, frequently leaving for work hours later, and then I come home around 3 at the earliest, to find the light still on, since 6:20 a.m.! Yes, a fluorescent bulb could be used there. It took us a year to find the switch to the darn lights, and I paid a handyman to replace the bulbs (most were missing) in 3 areas of the home. Should we hear a noise outside, I now can illuminate the entire surrounds of the home, which is good. There are no street lights here, so that is a comfort. I chose to use what bulbs I already owned, before moving to a CFL outdoor bulb, for $ reasons. Moving forward, yes, a CFL if not LED when I get my next own home, would be warrented. Another thought-the kids recently rediscovered the X box. Do those use some serious electricity?

Lili said...

I don't know about X box, but everything adds up. If this last bill covers the Christmas break period for your kids, it's possible that just being home meant using more electricity, as things like X box would be used more hours of the day when kids have all that free time.

The fortunate side to the bill being the electric bill is at least if the bill was high, it's not due to a leak somewhere, like a water bill or natural gas bill.