Friday, January 31, 2014

Fiscal fast 30-31; closing out January

As previously posted, surgery went well; next day, as anticipated, was rough, pain wise, once the nerve block wore off. With each day, this will continue to improve. Phoned my surgeon this morning to get clarification on use of sling while at home, as the discharge nurse omitted that on my paperwork. I actually was patched right in and spoke with him directly; I realize that I am blessed to have such wonderful, medical care and physicians.  I am doing well, and am so looking forward to a shower in a bit.

Still requiring narcotics, my mobility is limited. I am camping out in my recliner with 3 extra pillows to support my lower back, neck and right arm.  Should I need to be left alone, my recliner is positioned down, a folding chair is placed at the foot end like an ottoman, so that I can get up for the bathroom, if needed yet I am still able to recline, or sit propped up with my legs up; the compression stockings come off today.  Front door is unlocked so if I had to call my friend just down the street, she can get in yo help me, if needed. I have a dumbwaiter table to my left, with all my necessities and there is a tv tray next to that for my laptop. Kids are stepping up-DD is attending to meals; thankfully, we have my frozen assets that we have been taking advantage of; so far we've had studded shells, pate chinois-a French Canadian sheppard's pie, meat stuffed shells. Frozen or canned vegetables and a salad on the side. It's vital that we continue to eat heathfully.   DD and college boy are helping with trash/recycling, laundry. One kidlet is already known as floor boy-he is to vacuum after school today. Daily, there are still tasks that must be managed.

Bills paid as they come in, only shopping this week since surgery was a gallon of milk. Kids already put on notice that our grocery list will grow these next 2 months while actual outlaying of cash will be severely limited.


Linda said...

GRATEFUL that you are doing so well and love hearing how very organized you have arranged every single thing. So many reasons to admire you! Wishing you good rest.

Anonymous said...

Feel better and rest. No more typing tell you fe352982

CTMOM said...

i'm pretty goof at typing w just my left hand since i had 2 hand surgeries ; )

Jean said...

Glad everything went well.

DW said...

Glad things went well, and that you're on the mend. I'm rather amazed that you can type at all ... I'm not sure I'd be coherent enough, LOL