Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 fiscal fast: frozen assets, planning ahead

Winter storm Hercules meant leaving work/school early today. Roads were worse @ 6:20 a.m. than when I returned home around 12:15 p.m. but rapidly declining. Glad to be safely home; DD texted that she was leaving work early as well, kidlets got out of school for lunch as well. I decided to pull together some ingredients (1 cups worth of leftover sloppy joe mix, a 29 oz can stewed tomatoes, a 29 oz can tomato puree, some spices, some red wine) and made a quick spaghetti sauce, which I did serve over marked down, spaghetti noodles, passing freshly grated Parmesan to those interested. Perfect. I much prefer a hot meal over a sandwich. Knowing that I would not be able to eat lunch at work, I intentionally packed a banana and a fruit trail mix granola bar for a late morning snack to tide me over. I'm sure that the vending machines in the staff lounge were hit hard today.

Made a loaf of sandwich white bread, turning to the wheat gluten I have on hand, and all purpose flour. I am trying to use the gluten up.

Once lunch was cleared, I set to getting the wood stove running, and to washing 3 loads of laundry, only machine drying the towels, which was the only batch run in warm, all other laundry was done in cold. Some is already dried, after being placed on the clothes horses near the large radiator, by the wood stove. The rest will be dried come morning.

Next, I started attacking the long list of business calls that I made last night, in preparation for getting things addressed today, if not tomorrow, in anticipation of being home, due to the impending storm. I contacted the wood stove repair shop, part was on back order, next delivery is due Fri, hopefully it'll be on the truck. Ok, guess I have to be patient (I've already waited a month). Contacted someone about a bill, it was explained to me, fine, I can send payment. Canceled an appointment, rescheduled it for Monday instead. Paid the oil bill over the phone (used my CC to capitalize on points that I convert later to cash credits on my account), made arrangements for the annual service appointment (LL covers that).

I also contacted the landlord, as one of the floor tiles in front of the dishwasher has come completely loose, creating a slipping hazzard. She emailed me that she'll ask her handyman to come out and take a look to see if he can reglue it down. He's been working on the place next door, so no real hardship for him.

Put away the dental freebies from a kid's cleaning appointment the other day. Great goody bag.

Supper was off the menus, I cobbled together the above by heating up the leftover beets and kielbasa (served with soem Grey Poupon honey mustard), then cooking a pkg of egg noodles (topped with some margarine, salt and pepper) and serving a can of seasoned French green beans alongside. Glad to use more leftovers up.

Speaking of leftovers, leftover corn and cooked chicken was used to make up 2 trays of chicken-black bean-corn enchilladas for the freezer. With my upcoming surgery, frozen assets are a blessing. I still intend to prepare some stuffed shells and/or lasagna trays as well for the freezer.

Since I am planning ahead (first 3 weeks will be the worst, I know), the kids and I sat down after supper and figured out our February menus, keeping in mind easy prep meals, meals that can go in the CP or otherwise be prepared the night before. Some of the dinners chosen: CP rotiserie style chicken, creamed salmon over boiled potatoes, fzn enchilladas, ground chicken burgers and oven fries, CP beef stew, baked Pollock wiht rice, CP meatballs in marinara over spaghetti, turkey-beef CP baked meatloaf with mashed potatoes, CP roast turkey breast w/ stuffing, turkey tacos, CP turkey-pinto bean chilli, salmon cakes w/ buttered wacky mac, homemade pizza, franks and beans, and of course, plenty of soups, also to be made in the CP. March should be a better month for me, physically.

So now I find myself enjoying my evening cup of herbal tea (used 2 "used" tea bags to get another cup) and mulling over what to cook for tomorrow. It's supposed to be bone chillingly cold, blustery. Hopefully, no power outages. : (

Today's expenditure: $0


Frugal Woman said...

Love how organized you are with your finances and running your household. Hope your upcoming surgery goes well!

Emma Watts said...

Really impressed with you pre surgery organisation. I had rotator cuff repair and tendon re attachment about 18 months ago after an accident. Spent ten nights sleeping sideways on my couch, had no idea what recovery would be like. Wasn't prepared at all. So different from yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

CTMOM said...

Emma, not sure you are aware, but I had rotator cuff surgery this past May on my left shoulder, now the right, so I do understand what a devil of a recovery I have ahead of me.

Emma Watts said...

Didn't realise you'd been through this before. Painful and debilitating. I fell 2m from the top of a fence whilst pruning a tree and my arm didn't follow. Had surgery and was back to work in five weeks. Far too soon. My 15 yo son got quiet good at blow drying my hair !