Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 goals


2013 was a year of transition for my family, the dust has settled, we've opened new chapters, new adventures. There have been some hurdles, we've surmounted them to the best of our ability. Now it's time to refocus our lens and look ahead towards 2014, which started today.

I'm not really a New Year's resolution person, but more of an annual goal type person. I always reassess where I am and where I want to be, every January, every June and again in Sept, once I get my new paycheck with any changes in salary and/or deductions. I start to think about tax preparation as well.

One thing that will be overarching our decisions: is my upcoming, unpaid medical leave and recovery.  I am taking part in Carla's no/low spend January as a result:

So here are my goals, not in any particular order:

1-reduce expenditures to needs/must haves (see link above for particulars)
2-hold all savings for now, in my checking account until I return to work post medical leave. This will serve as our "cushion" and will be transferred over to savings once things settle out, financially. Included in this amount is the "payback myself for having paid off my former car early" of $213.94/month through June, when the loan would have ended. That figure is earmarked for savings.
3-build up my house savings as soon as possible (unexpectedly purchased 3 cars this past year, luckily, paid cash, nothing was financed), included in this figure will be approx $4000 to pay for movers
4-start a new "car savings" account. While I just bought a new to me car, and I anticipate keeping it at least 5 years, if I set aside some funds on a monthly basis NOW, in 5 years, I should have a healthy amount amassed.
5-focus on attending to health needs, improving health where possible. Take advantage of having the maxed out our deductible on the high deductible medical insurance, and attend to medical visits, in plan, which means at no cost to us until late in the year. Mail order medicines will be renewed with the changeover date in mind


~Carla~ said...

Lots of goals there for the month! Hope your time healing goes well and you're able to meet your goals! Thanks for joining in & good luck!!

Hawaii Planner said...

Those are some great goals! Best of luck in 2014.