Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yet more draft dodgers

By the end of Friday night, DD and I had made several more draft dodgers, and scrounged up supplies for making even more. I recently had my sewing stash sent over to me from storage at my former home, and I've been digging through that this weekend, unearthing some treasures. The draft dodger project is focused primarily on the L shaped, un/underinsulasted porch turned into dining room/dd's room. This area has 2 solid wood doors, one regular set of sliders, 2 extra wide set of sliders used as floor to ceiling windows, 2 large fixed windows (also floor to ceiling), another large fixed window that is normal height but wide, and 2 wide sliding open 3 windows (also waist height). None of these windows/doors are by any means energy efficient. I have paid to plastic the outside with 6 ml poly, there are floor to ceiling, insulated panels in all of the windows on DD's side, insulated curtains on the regular slider, sheers and lined side drapes (don't cover the entire window, just the sides). As of last night (Sat) all of the dining room windows have draft dodgers and most of DD's room does. Need to make a few more for 1 1/2 of the windows, and for the regular slider door. I also made another one for the powder room.

 I have another 2 blue "tubes" along with these 2 and the red and black floral corduroy tubes. In the pink bucket are shredded clothes, scraps etc that we are using to stuff these. DD is at work, but will help me to stuff these and place them later tonight.

Once this porch is completed, I'd like to make some for my bedroom.

One thing that was discovered in my sewing stash is this denim laundry bag from my college days. Still perfectly serviceable, I am using it for college boy's weekly laundry. Perfect.

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