Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter heating costs

More heating oil talk, as today found me culling through receipts, recording data in my accounting ledger, making a comparison chart of average daily heating oil consumption last year (rental started Aug 15, 2012) to this year's comparable time frames:

Oil usage on a daily basis
2012-13                                           2013-14
8/15-11/16 2 gallons                     8/19-10/25 1.23 gallons (a  reduction)
11/17-12/2 6.8 gallons                 10/26-11/25 4.9 gallon (a more significant reduction)
(*energy audit performed 11/23/12)
12/3-12/27 7.6 gallons
12/28-1/18 9.6 gallons
1/19-2/3 10.5 gallons
2/4-2/20 9.6 gallons
(*malfunctioning zone switch on porch)
replaced 2/19/13)\
2/21-3/7 6.6 gallons
3/8-3/28 6.95 gallons
3/29-5/8 2.84 gallons
5/9-8/18 1/08 gallons

So now that we are seriously into the heating season, the unoccupied zones are switched down to 55 (and yes, it was noticably COLD last night in the bedrooms), I've done what measures (other than more draft dodgers)I can . . . we'll await the next oil bill to see how we are doing, oil use wise, keeping in mind that a 4th person rejoined the family (DD) back in May) but she takes short showers like me, most of her laundry is washed in cold-minimal impact if any at all.

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Anonymous said...

I have the heat on now because of the baby..otherwise we would have to bundle her into a snowsuit as her crib is in the finished part of the basement. But as soon as they leave the heat goes down again :)

I have also crocheted two more blankets with yarn that I was kindly gifted so one is on my daughters bed and another is on the couch. afghans on top of down blankets and flannel sheets are warm!