Monday, December 23, 2013

Update on baking bread

I officially ran out of bread flour last week, having used the last of what I had to make honey-wheat breads (2, 2 lb loaves). I tend to bake bread on the weekend, making 2 loaves/week. Since the twins and I are home on break, we've had alternative lunches to the usual sandwiches that the boys take to school. That said, I did run out of bread the other day.

Today, I made 2 loaves of sandwich white bread, substituting regular, unbleached all purpose flour for the bread flour but also adding 1 TBSP wheat gluten to the mix. I use the ABM's to mix and rise the bread, then place the dough into bread pans, let rise again before baking off. Solves the need to kneed, which would be difficult due to physical limitations. Using thrift shop ABM's also allows me the option to let the ABM bake off the loaf, if I am short on time.

Pictured above are the 2 loaves I just pulled out of the oven. Seems that this substitution worked just fine, the loaves rose nicely, baked off fine. Good to know that this substitution works. Once I run out of wheat gluten, I'll try just AP flour in one loaf and see how that goes. Bread flour tends to be significantly more expensive than AP flour. So, I'll take whatever savings I can get right now.

 We are trying to use what is on hand. Although I will continue to get paid the next 2 months, I anticipate getting hit hard with unpaid leave. March is gonna be a rough ride.

Planning ahead NOW, stocking up on essentials NOW, seeking alternatives NOW so as to keep the cash flow going as long as possible into the Spring.

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