Monday, December 9, 2013

Update from pre-Thanksgiving tumble

2 weeks ago today, I fell off of my front steps, really twisting my left ankle, and landing fully onto my right (the good one) shoulder, onto a stone paved walkway. It hurt. : (

The next day, I called out on work, saw my orthopedist. Ended up with a DX of badly sprained ankle (xrays taken), given a brace to wear, advised to take 600mg Advil twice daily. Shoulder looked at, Xrays taken. Told to give it 2 weeks, if still problematic, call orthopedist, we'll get a MRI.

Fast forward:

-ankle is much better, still tender however
-shoulder is bothering me, clicking/grinding, feels weaker, just not "normal" (same symptoms as the shoulder I had rotator cuff surgery on this past Summer), can't sleep on it at all. Note, I have a high pain tolerance.

I was literally right next door today, so I stopped into his office. Spoke with a receptionist, he's at a different satelite office just up the road (their main office is undergoing renovations). Fine, I would be driving right by anyway. Stopped in at office # 2, explained what I was told to do, receptionist walked me back to my orthopedist's secretary. I even ended up talking to my MD, asked him about my ankle, he said he'd check it when I returned with the MRI results. Got my RX for the MRI, drove it just down the road to the imaging center, made an appointment for this Thursday afternoon. Perfect. Bad storm brewing for tomorrow, so I'll planning on working around that snow. Once back in the car, I phoned my orthopedist's secretary, and made a follow up appointment for the following Monday. I'll be in their office anyway for a follow up with the hip orthopedist, she told me to just check in with her also when I get there, they'll work it out. Nice. Since I'm a frequent flyer . . .

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