Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today's sewing

 This is an image of the rear facing, main bathroom windows, whose curtains I finally finished the other day, making a cafe curtain for more privacy. Once installed, I decided that I didn't like the look of the cafe curtains that were on the side facing windows, originally installed using clip on rings.
 So, I removed the rings, made a channel for the curtain rod, using some yellow, wide seam binding I already had.

Easy, no cost redo.  DD and I also have been continuing our quest to make draft dodgers for every possible location that would benefit. I am getting creative in finding materials on hand to make both the tubes, as well as the filling. The last batch of filling is comprised of about 2/3 of my ton of "fancy towel rags"-I simply selected the worst ones and shred them using my rotary cutter.
This is my project today: a flannel panel for an insulated panel curtain that I am making for one of the windows in the boys room. Although a newer window, compared to the circa 1930 original windows located elsewhere, and although it has a glass storm panel over it, it is drafty and cold. I already have 2 draft dodgers at the bottom of the window where it meets the sill as well as on the top of the latch where it closes the 2 glass parts together. Those are helping, but I want to do more, and would rather not buy yet more insulated curtains (about $25 at a big box store) even though we could conceivably, use them at our next forever home. Time to get crafty. I dug out 4 coordinating prints of scrap flannel, or upcycled fabric from flannel clothing. I made a simple, alternating pattern for the blocks and top stitched them down to give it some quilting. It is attached to some leftover, spun polyester (think kid's snow boot lining) fabric that was originally a mattress pad, I bought new at Savers for the fabric.

Some of it I had to piece together but that is OK, this is a utilitarian item, although the "outside" will be pretty. I have to make some side panels and attach some insulation fabric to them, then trim the edges all out in some seam binding that I already own. I am using up some old thread in the process, which is a goal of mine this Winter. I will also attach a curtain rod chase to the backside, using some wide seam binding that I inherited somehow. Another no cost project. The quilted piece took some time to create, but I figure that once we move, I can refashion it into a standard quilt somehow. My efforts won't be wasted, and the kids can enjoy (hopefully) a colorful window panel that should make the room more comfortable.

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