Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today was a marathon shopping trip part 1

Getting ready for my upcoming surgery, with list in hand, I hit several shops:

Dollar Tree:

3 boxes Scotties tissues, used a 50 cent coupon on top. $2.66 out the door

Next: Walmart:

2 bottles of WM "tilex", 2 boxes Tampax (used $2.50 cpn), masking tape (gonna try Frugal Queen's idea of placing masking tape over the joints in windows, before covering them back up with draft dodgers)

 Big box of WM scoopable cat litter (accounted separately from groceries)
WM OTC stomach meds. Fortunately, I was able to pay for these with my HSA card, so no funds out of pocket today.

total @ WM: $14.54 for groceries, $7.96 Pets, saved $2.50 w/ cpn.


Anonymous said...

You did great with your shopping! Only thing I stocked up on today at Walmart was Christmas wrapping paper & Hershey kisses and fancy sprinkles for next years holiday baking.

Paper was .47/roll
Kisses were 1.44/bag with red and green foil (don't eat that part)
Wilton fancy sprinkles were 1.23/jar - kids use those on chocolate covered pretzels.

CTMOM said...

Bargain Mom
I was at Wm today, NOT my favorite store by any means, but I had to get some OTC meds and I know that theirs is the best price. Long line at the return counter, but for a Saturday, the store was otherwise kind of quiet. I have plenty of wrapping paper for years to come, so no need to buy any. I did note that Dollar tree had theirs marked down to 50 cents. I suspect all of their holiday stuff is 1/2 off, one lady behind me at Dt had a ton of Xmas stuff in her cart. RE the red/gr kisses. Save the red for Valentine's Day, the Green for St Pats if you are so inclined or just use them to make blossom cookies or to snack on!

Anonymous said...

The kiss es I would save - but my teens are experts at sniffing out chocolate no matter how well I think I hide it.
I didn't make a single blossom cookie for the holidays so I may whip up a batch while they're on break next week.

Last time I bought paper was 3 years ago at TRU. 75% off. We were down to 1 roll after this years wrapping so I figured I better stock up. I hate paying full price for it.