Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday's supper

Not a crock pot meal today, which is unusual but rather an oven meal tonight:

 6 chicken drums that I got on sale some time ago (79/lb?).  Sprinkled with salt, pepper, Fox Point seasoning and simply baked off.

 Not to worry-that nice bit of stock on the bottom of the pan will be saved for another cooking session! Frugality bootcamp this month, as I have approx $125 left to get me thru the next 25 days. Every penny is counting at the moment.

 A 50 cent box of au gratin potatoes baked alongside. haven't had these in ages!
 Some no salt, French green beans for color
 Planned overs (aka intentionally baked more than was needed on Sunday), acorn squash with brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg
 Enough corn bread to divide amongst the three of us (just me and the twins tonight) glad to use this up

DS # 2's dinner plate, with the addition of some cranberry-orange relish.


DW said...

What is Fox Point seasoning?

Theresa said...

That acorn squash looks so yummy. Gotta buy one today.

CTMOM said...


It's a seasoning blend that I get at Penzey's. Lovely on chicken.