Saturday, December 14, 2013

The last ones . . . FINALLY!

Worked on and completed the last of the draft dodgers. Every window here has them,

 Back deck sliders
 Slider # 1 in DD's room
 Slider # 2 in DD's room. Yes, it took FOUR draft dodgers in front of each of these 2 sliders.
One of 2 large, floor to ceiling "fixed/non opening" windows in same room. this one was so easy to make: I upcycled a no longer wanted, fleece scarf. Perfect.

some have multiple ones (huge 120 inch wide windows) or one at the top where the latch is, one at the bottom resting on the window sill.

 The boy's front window

I even discovered a draft coming in from under the window in the boy's room, so another draft dodger was made for the base of the quilted, insulated panels.
My front window

No cost, used supplies on hand. The last ones were for the sliders on the back deck. I ended up using a sweater to make the tubes. Hopefully, we'll be more comfortable as a result of my efforts.

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