Sunday, December 29, 2013

Taking stock, part 2

I had to do some digging around this morning. . .as yesterday, I resorted to using a blend of split peas (rest of a jar of green split, some yellow split, some whole yellow), and I was left wondering about my stockpile of split peas, beans, barley, lentils, etc. I had recently done a kitchen, pantry, freezer look through, but didn't root around too much in the pasta/dry goods lower cabinet as it's quite full, so I figured that we are all set. Time to confirm that.

I found several, partially filled jars, and combined their contents into one when possible. I filled my empty, gallon sized, glass jar with farfalle, creating more room in my canned goods cabinet, where I moved the bulk of the smaller jarred legumes to.

Here's my current state of affairs:

-2 gallon sized jars of navy pea beans
-about 2 lbs' worth of pintos
-a quart jar's worth of black turtle beans
-a quart of organic quinoa
-a quart of pearl barley
-a pint organic farro
-a lb of green lentils
-1 lb bag of mixed soup beans lurking in the corner cabinet (an AF leftover!)
-4 bags (lb ea) of large, white limas (great for calico beans) plus a large, metal coffee can full of same
-1 1/2 lbs whole, yellow peas
-1 quart of split green peas
-approx 3 lbs split yellow peas
-3 lbs black eyed peas

So for now, we're in good shape. Come the end of March, I anticipate needing to purchase pintos, lentils. Meanwhile, we're actively working on eating this down. Good thing we like beans, we certainly eat plenty of them.

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