Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking stock of personal care items aka taxables part 2

 Personal care items are another area that can really eat up a budget quickly. Luckily, I stockpile whenever I encounter a deal on items we regularly use. Bathroom storage closet: top shelf: assorted cubes of lotion tissue, reserved for colds, a few boxes of regular tissues, bathroom cups. More tissues are needed, we go through so many due to allergies.
 Left side middle shelves: just stocked up on tp, plenty of "men's" shave cream, soap, body wash, and not pictured: the Men's deodorant the twins received for Christmas. Plenty of ladies deodorant, razors for both, acne stuff, general first aid supplies, lotions. Only one bottle of "regular" shampoo, so that is an anticipated need. Dollar store brands work fine.
  Can't see it, but there are several bottles of color care shampoo and conditioner to the right rear-so no needs there, as well as a few bottles/canisters of mousse and hair spray. Plenty of ladies shave gel, ladies soaps, feminine products
 with even more below (freebies), and a basket of sun products, although they won't be needed for some time!
 Powder room storage closet: a few boxes of tissues, only one roll of TP but that can easily be replenished; baggie of assorted "mini gift soaps" collected over the years and used at the sink here vs liquid soap as I want to use these up, 6 pocket packs of tissues.
more feminine products, for convenience.

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