Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking care of things

Yesterday was our once a month, cleaning service appointment. I've used this service since moving into this rental. With my physical limitations, it's necessary to hire the deep cleaning out. I pinch in other areas in order to continue to do so. They have "teams" that go by names that represent various colors. While I started out with Gold, then Silver, then Green, the past few times, we've had Pink, who rush through and are not as attentive to small details such as cob webs, an item listed as part of their 20 point cleaning. So, when I called last month to set up this month's appointment, I complained. We're back with the Green team, and appartently they heard of my being disgruntled with the Pink team's lackluster cleaning. Very happy to have Green back, my house sparkles, they are professional, pleasant to work with. We were surprised to find these bows tied into our tissue boxes-pretty fancy! I called today, and set up return visits for Jan and Feb, as I will be recouperating at home and want to ensure that this is taken care of.

While not THIS bad, my car definately got covered with road salt due to the storms this past week, and the road treatments. I normally have my car sent through the car wash mid month, but we had a storm. Meeting after work was cancelled, so I made a point to use one of my prepaid vouchers and get my car washed, especially as I may be hitting up the local dealerships this weekend.

After work tomorrow, I have my monthly hair cut and color appointment and I will be stopping at the service station I use for my car, as my change oil light came on, but it isn't yet due, according to the mileage sticker, for an oil change.
I will literally be just down the street. I will also be near Aldi's so I will pick up a few items for this week.

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