Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel today . .

literally. I am completely out of bread flour, but was able to make 2, 2 lb loaves of honey whole wheat bread for the upcoming week. After that, I am using some wheat gluten, added to all purpose flour, and hoping that does the trick.

We started December in frugal bootcamp.

The 2 loaves of wheat bread. Next batch may prove to be interesting.

 Some new issues are coming to light, which are making me really clamp down as there is some uncertainty in the air. I'll know more tomorrow, and will be able to plan accordingly. Life just happens sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I think it should be all right with those. I know my sister has used just regular flour when she ran out of bread flour

CTMOM said...

Judy, I'll find out next weekend. These 2 loaves should hopefully get me through the end of the week, then we are on Christmas break, and I won't need so much bread (eat soup and leftovers at home vs toting sandwiches to school).

DW said...

Hope things turn out OK for you. (Think uncertainty moved into our house a couple of years ago ...)