Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick and easy dinner: tacos

 A quick and easy supper tonight, even though we've cancelled our appointments this afternoon, due to the snow storm, I am sticking to this menu. I grabbed the Dollar Tree tortillas, a can of corn, a frozen 8 oz block of ground sirloin that I bought on marked down back in July. 8 oz of meat is intended to serve 4, and we'll most likely end up with at least one lunch's worth of leftovers for tomorrow. I have organic lettuce, hot house tomatoes, cheese to shred, homemade taco sauce to top these.

The main filler for these tacos will be dried pintos, which I am now quick soaking, and will simmer until soft. I'm doing this on the stove top today.

Half of the cooked beans will be frozen for a future meal.

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