Monday, December 23, 2013

Protecting my investment

Picked up my new to me car today, and first order of business, besides reading the car booklet, is to order Weathertech floor mats and a cargo liner. I had purchased a set for my former car this past August, having used their products for years in other vehicles. The carpeted floor mat to my last car wore out, so I decided to upgrade with rubber front only (back was pristine) floor mats.

This time, I have a matching set of 4 floor mats (front and back) as well as a cargo liner. I will continue to drive my trash once a month, along with recycling, over to the transfer station, so it's important to have a non porous liner over the carpeted back cargo area. Not really looking for additional bills at this time, but figure that this was a necessary expenditure to protect my carpets. I order on line, directly from the company, saving money over buying from an auto supplier.


Mary Lou said...

I love mine, my car salesman gave them to me as a gift when I purchased my car (which was used by the way). I have front and backseat only.

christina neumann said...

What did you get? Was it the Prius?
It's always fun to get a new car. Or new to you car!

CTMOM said...


A 2010 Prius 2 with just over 20,000 miles on it. Taking advantage of someone else eating the depreciation; it was the only way I could afford to get into a Prius which is VERY friendly to those suffering hand arthritis as I do. Very, very pleased so far.

christina neumann said...

We have had 2 Prius and love them. Right now my son has the 2008 Prius. But it does have 100,000 miles. But it runs great. They are very easy to drive. Congrads!