Monday, December 2, 2013

Planning ahead for a busy night tomorrow

 We'll walk in the door close to dinner time tomorrow, but no worries as I am already setting up one of my Crock Pots to do the work while I am away! 2 pints of organic CSA, home canned tomatoes, a bag of 2 cups worth of frozen Thanksgiving turkey, chilli powder, the rest of a large onion will be turned into a healthful chilli, to be served with homemade Southern style, buttermilk cornbread when I get home tomorrow. It's quick to mix and bake off, to be served warm.
Chilli requires beans in this house, especially in a super tight grocery funds month. I am cooking up the rest of my dried Roman beans that I had in storage. Still have some dried navy, black, large lima, and pinto beans to turn to, along with lentils, barley, split green and yellow peas, whole yellow peas.

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Anonymous said...

We are having chili tomorrow Great minds cook alike. Plus it should be enough for a few lunchs also