Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pantry closet inventory

 Here's a peak inside my porch, pantry closet. While we've been eating it down, I had also stock piled some bargains and supplies to get us through the Winter. Assorted canned vegetables, fruit, beans, peanut butter, homemade pickles/relishes/jams/taco sauce/salsa/pie fillings, canned mik, instant milk, extra condiments, aeseptic boxes of beef broth, extra spices, bottled vegetable juice, assorted canned/bottled fruit juices, home canned tomatoes and apple sauce.
 To the left, I have the baking supplies cart with brown sugar, sprinkles, etc and some stored snack chips, a flat of bottled water for emergency prep as we are on a well.
3 large, orange bins hold bread flour (currently empty), AP flour, sugar. I also have my case of tomato puree down there, covered with cases of home canned tomatoes, apple sauce, 2 Christmas Panetone, a new canister of shortening awaiting as a back up as the open one is almost used up.

Finally, I'll add my porch freezer, located just outside of the porch pantry closet. Top shelf" turkey breasts, bone in chicken, BSCB, turkey cutlets, ground chicken, ground turkey, chicken stock, chicken gravy
Shelf 2: shank ham, ground ham, bacon, sausage, ground beef, stew beef, homemade meatballs, pkg of hamburger buns
Shelf 3: assorted bags of vegetables mostly
Shelf 4 is actually a basket gizmo, where I store fruits such as cranberries, nuts. Door of fridge also holds bags of produce.

So, I know what I have, what we will fall back on these upcoming months. This helps me to reduce my cost outlay, rotate stock in the process.

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j said...

You are so organized, I wish I could say my cabinets looked like this. We have been eating down our supplies since after Thanksgiving and except for Milk, eggs and a few other things I need to stay out of the Market till the middle of January.