Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oil man came

-Nov 17-Dec 12 2012 used 175.5 gallons @ $3.79/gal    $666.72 (26 days = 6.8 gallons/day)

-Nov 26-Dec 18 used 155.4 gallons @ $3.89/gallon $605.90/23 days = 6.8 gallons/day

So same rate of use as last year, gotta keep the faith, however that all of our conservation measures are making and will continue to make a difference.


Mary Lou said...

Goodness, you do use quite a bit of oil. I had an oil delivery on 11/5, we received 176.2 gallons at $3.23 a gallon for approximately $569.00. I can see why you are trying to keep the house draft free as much as possible.

I haven't gotten oil since and I hope that we will be able to wait until January for another delivery. I know it will be the beginning of January, but it will be close to or about 8 weeks.

My oil company is charging $3.44 a gallon as of today although I know by January it will cost more.

I also don't have automatic delivery. I call when I see the tank getting low so I space it out as long as I am able.

Anonymous said...

Our gas bill should be here tomorrow but I think from checking it on line that we are def down from last year. I think all the draft dodgers, line curtains, whatever my uncle did in the basement are working for us. Now I need to check the electric bill

Anonymous said...

How do you figure? In 2012 it is costing you $25.77 a day to heat yur home. In 2013 you are still burning up 6.8 gallons of oil, at a higher price costing you $25.45 a day. That means you are spending 2.6% more this year than last year for the same amount of usage. I don't consider this a savings whatsoever.
You have to lower your usage per day in order to save money, especially with the price of oil continuing to go up.
I used to burn 1000 gallons of heating propane per year. Now, we burn 700 gallons per year. We lowere3d the thermostat from 68 degrees to 64 (62 at night) and insulated as much as possible. I live in a modular home which is well insulated to begin with (windows, doors, attic, basement)
If you think you are saving money, you're only fooling yourself. The goal is to use less oil, not the sam

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou
By my records, we use 1.08 gallons/day on average for non heat required months, with this oil usage relating to domestic hot water. that said, we are talking brief showers, washing the bulk of the laundry in cold (whites and towels in warm), hand washing dishes, using a dishwasher that does have it's own water heating element in it. My focus, since moving here and discovering how expensive it is to heat, is to conserve heating oil as much as possible. 3 zones help (uninsulated/underinsulated porch of basically 2 long walls of floor to ceiling windows kept at 55 degrees 24/7; bedroom wing set to 65 for brief period at night when we shower/change and again in the morning, before dropping down to 55 as well; core of house zone-kitchen and uninsulated, cathedral ceilling huge living room is set to 65 when we are home, 55 at away times/night). I've paid to plastic windows, made insulated doorway curtains, tons of draft dodgers, most windows also have insulated curtains over them. I feel that there is nothing else I can do or am willing to do. Ideally, the LL would insulate this place. I did note that she is paying to refurbish the small cottage next door, looks like a new bath, galley kitchen, main LR/eating area carpet removed and a new subfloor put in so perhaps a new wood floor is going in there.

CTMOM said...

My life in focus-
never stated that I was saving any money yet over last year's usage. I simply shared that we are using the same amount as we did last year at this time. While the exact delivery dates and therefor usage dates aren't exactly the same, they are close enough for comparison. Add in that there was a broken zone on the uninsulated porch that was replaced last year (kept the area at 70 degrees!), so usage was higher for a bit, than it should have been. We use the wood stove also to supplement our heat as well,to keep the dampness at bay, to keep the center of the house toasty. I await the next delivery, hoping to see a drop by comparison. Obviously, I aim to use LESS oil, which equates saving me money in the long run. Also add in that we've had some unusually colder temps this past month, but then we have a mild wave blowing in this weekend. Welcome to New England!

CTMOM said...
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